Publisher’s Picks Collection


Publisher’s Picks are designed for those who have seen this fascinating collection of books and wondered which books would be best for their children. We have sleected an array of stories for each age group to give you a taste of what Lamplighter books are all about.
Classic Picks are for ages 12 & Up.
Renaissance Picks are for ages 9-14.
Fireside Picks are for ages 6-11.
Epic Pics are for ages 12 & Up.
  • Basil; Or, Honesty and Industry

    This story is filled with gems of truth, the value of which cannot be measured. Young Basil takes these treasures to heart and determines to live by them. He learns to pray, not that God would make him rich, but enable him to act honestly and . . .

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  • Basket of Flowers, The

    Book of the Year 1996. This first book of the Lamplighter Rare Collector Series continues to be a best-seller. James, the king's gardener, teaches his 15-year-old daughter Mary all the principles of godliness through his flowers.

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  • Charlie's Choice

    Charlie dreams of a life of luxury and ease - and is determined to find it. He will not be doomed to a life of toil and poverty. But will his quest for a better life doom him to far greater evils - to the danger of growing up proud and hard . . .

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  • Christie's Old Organ

    A heartwarming story about a young boy who is on a quest to find out how his dear old friend Treffy can get to "home, sweet home." One of the most famous children's novels of the Victorian era, Christie's Old Organ continues to . . .

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  • Crew of the Dolphin, The

    The crew of the Dolphin faces great peril, being swept away in crashing waves and crushing winds. But this is not the fiercest storm they face. The insurmountable surges of greed and deceit are far worse, bringing exposure, disgrace, and ruin. Yet . . .

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  • Escape From The Eagle's Nest

    Abandoned and alone, Walter faces a moral dilemma that lands him in the midst of a ruthless, hostile land. Even though he saves the chief’s child from the mouth of a lion, he still faces certain death from his Islamic captors. . .

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  • Frozen Fire

    You are about to meet a young girl who changed the world! The events that led up to Betty’s pivotal decision demonstrate the true meaning of humility, servanthood, and love.

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  • Giant Killer

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  • Glaucia, The Greek Slave

    Glaucia, the Greek Slave masterfully depicts the intricacies of a momentous time in human history. Ancient Rome and Greece are the backdrop for this dramatic account of the early Christians, whose belief in the one true God stands in stark contrast . . .

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  • Hand on the Bridle

    The allure of secret sin and the enticement of peer pressure had a strong hold on teens a century ago. Young Gavin knew it was time to venture out beyond his secure environment called home. His longing for independence has become a tainted mixture . . .

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  • Hedge of Thorns, The

    John must find out the secret that has been kept from him for so long—what is on the other side of the hedge? Desperate to break through, he devises a scheme, ignoring the impending danger.

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  • Helen's Temper and its Consequences

    Helen and Betty could not be more different in their perspectives of the destitute people that live around them. When Helen, the older sister, hears the story of the Good Samaritan she is rewarded for her classroom achievements, while the other . . .

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  • Hidden Hand, The

    Secrets abound in this masterpiece by E.D.E.N. Southworth. You will be delighted and thrilled as God's own hidden hand moves the lives of rascals and heroes alike to work His plan for good.

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  • Inheritance, The

    A faithful grandson seeks to find help for his blind grandfather. When the old man finally opens his eyes, he sees a painting on the wall before him and realizes that this is the very house where he buried a wealthy man's inheritance fifty years ago.

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  • Ishmael

    You will never read a story that is more inspiring and challenging than Ishmael. The heights of success achieved by this young man reveal little of the utter poverty into which he was born. He enters life motherless and poor, and despite the wishes . . .

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  • Jessica's First Prayer

    Barefoot little Jessica lives in a home where no one knows about God. She looks forward to spending time once a week with Mr. Dan'el, a miserly old coffee peddler who eases his darkened conscience by giving her stale bread and coffee.

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  • Joseph's Shield

    New Release 2015! You are about to experience a story that takes children to the next level in their journey with the Lord, their fight against sin and their cultivation of character…

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  • Little Lamb, The

    While gathering strawberries, ten-year old Christina finds a shivering lamb that has strayed from its home, and she delights in the thought of caring for it. When confronted with the decision to return it to its rightful owner, her honesty and . . .

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  • Little Sir Galahad

    When the townspeople of Alverton look upon the little boy, they have adequate reason to call him "Poor David." But he is perhaps wealthier than all who look upon him. His wealth is in the golden light of his smile and the richness of his mind.

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  • Little Threads

    It was Mrs. Prentiss' intent that this little gem would be a tool through which children would learn to obey. Read about the contrasting lives of Tangle Thread and Golden Thread; one is the cause of much grief for her godly mother, and the other . . .

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  • Locked Cupboard, The

    The four Dane sisters must leave the home in which they have been raised. Though their cousin secretly convinces his aunt to revise her will shortly before her death, they will not leave empty-handed!

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  • Mary Jones and Her Bible

    In the rugged and meager land of Wales, Mary longs to learn more about the Word of God. This true story takes place in a town where food and clothing are difficult enough to obtain, but young Mary longs for nothing more extravagant than her own Bible.

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  • Ned Franks: The One Armed Sailor

    Ned Franks is a sailor, but he wears the armor of a soldier. Be challenged to wear the breastplate of righteousness and carry the sword of the Spirit as you engage in the adventures of Ned Franks: The One-Armed Sailor!

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  • Out of the Pit: Right of Redemption

    “I’ll never give it up,” Stephen promises his dying father. Their hut in the hollow is all they have, but it belongs to them. The bright, sunny valley stands in stark contrast to the dark, grimy coal pits nearby . . .

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  • Prisoners of the Sea

    Amidst the tumult of life at sea, myriad adventures of piracy, capture, and escape stand in contrast to the heroic, steady determination of Huguenot heritage. The final chapter adds to the intensity as it meets us head-on with a bolt from the blue. . .

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  • Rising to the Top

    "There's two things as always come to the top; one's merit-t'other's scum. Which of them is to rise first, I can't tell, but neither will lie at the bottom long." You'll want to stand up for the honor of poor victimized Bob, but in the end you'll . . .

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  • Robbers' Cave, The

    Ambushed! It all happened so quickly! Horace’s ankles are locked in chains, preventing him from rescuing his terrified mother as she is dragged away by their captors. She has only seven days to return with the answer that could save her son!

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  • Secret Bridge, The

    We are brought into Bridget’s world, where she finds herself penniless and alone...

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  • Sheer Off

    Whether it’s the love of money, the whirlpool of intemperance, the iceberg of falsehood, or the sunken rock of pride, when temptation would take you as a strong current—sheer off!

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  • Shipwrecked, But Not Lost

    Experience the utter fear of abandonment, the tension of frigid desolation, and the resolute determination to survive in Shipwrecked, But Not Lost. This breathtaking episode will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow the spectacular events . . .

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  • Silver Keys, The

    What powerful grace unlocks the grip of pride even in the hardest hearts! The author of The Silver Keys reintroduces Ned Franks, whose visits to a dying man challenge our own willingness to be inconvenienced for the sake of the gospel.

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  • Sir Knight of the Splendid Way

    Deep into the Vale of Promise ventures a young knight, Sir Constant, who desires nothing more than to be in service of the Great King. Though unworthy of this high calling, he sets forth on the perilous road that all who desire to serve the King . . .

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  • Stick to the Raft

    Fifteen-year-old Hans Richter travels far from home to find work in the locks of a river. His father had taught him that there is a Raft that will support him in the deepest waters and amid the fiercest storms. When Hans becomes the target among . . .

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  • 'Strordinary Little Maid, A

    A Strordinary Little Maid presents the gospel in colorful, bold, and often humorous ways. You'll laugh one minute, and the next minute you'll find yourself engaged in thoughtful attention to spiritual truths so basic yet so foreign to our culture today..

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  • Teddy's Button

    Rivalry between a soldier’s son and a sailor’s daughter teaches our beloved Teddy about a new battle, a new enemy, and a new Captain, whose orders are to fight all battles with the banner of love!

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  • Three Weavers, The

    This is a special allegory for fathers to read to their daughters. As the story goes, once upon a time there were three weavers, and to each was born a daughter. The "watcher of weavers" prophesied, "A royal prince shall seek to wed thy child," but . . .

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  • Throw Me Overboard

    Now here is a story with a twist. When faced with false accusations and public humiliation, our hero shows us how to do what’s right, even when taking the easy way out could have cleared his name. As he travels the tempestuous seas of . . .

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  • Titus: A Comrade of the Cross

    Lamplighter's dramatization of the award-winning story, Titus: A Comrade of the Cross, will keep you guessing--from the mysterious disappearance of the high priest's son to the breathtaking culmination on that sacred hill, Golgotha.

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  • Treasure of the Secret Cove, The

    Mystery, drama, heroism, villainy, greed, tragedy, revenge, betrayal, heartbreak, and redemption can all be found in this masterpiece. You’ll find yourself in the midst of tenuous relationships that expose the hidden secrets of the heart.

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  • Wanderer in Africa, The

    In the desert sands of Africa, David Aspinall finds himself in the wastelands of greed. He had left his farm and family in search of adventure, but he never expected this!

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  • White Dove, The

    Filled with the intrigue of knights and nobles, thieves and robbers, this is a story of friendship and sacrifice. A little girl agrees to give up her precious white dove to prove her friendship, and lives are miraculously saved.

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  • White Gypsy, The

    Willy is lost. New sights and new places seem strangely familiar, but he doesn't know why. Flashbacks taunt him. Stolen by gypsies at a tender age, Willy longs to discover who he is and where he belongs.

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  • White Knights, The

    Horace, Percy, and Cyril are ordinary boys who love the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Their discerning pastor starts a club for boys - The Order of the White Knights - challenging them to be chivalrous in their own . . .

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