Hidden Hand, The


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In the days of the Old South, the rugged hills of western Virginia hid many secrets. Gruff elderly gentlemen like Old Hurricane ruled their plantations like kings, and thieves preyed on unwary travelers.

Secrets abound in this masterpiece by E.D.E.N. Southworth. You’ll be delighted and thrilled as God’s own hidden hand moves the lives of rascals and heroes alike to work His plan for good. Young Capitola begins life under a dark and mysterious cloud, but her fiery enthusiasm for life and adventure turns Old Hurricane and his entire plantation upside-down. Scalawags and saints beware: Capitola will capture your heart and run away with it.

Be prepared for an adventure where you will experience God bringing 12 people to the end of themselves so that they can trust in the hidden hand of God!

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63 reviews for Hidden Hand, The

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing!!!!! This book is absolutely incredible!!! WARNING: Don’t try to start reading this book until you have time to read the whole thing– otherwise you’ll spend all your time thinking about it and wondering what will happen next!

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome Wonderful book! Enjoyed it the whole way!

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Breathtaking!!! This is a very exciting book! It has a very complex plot and is very well written! You will not be able to put this book down!

  4. anonymous (verified owner)

    Best Book Ever!! READERS BEWARE: You are about to embark on a journey into one of the best books you will ever read, once you begin reading this book you WILL NOT be able to put it down!! It is full of suspense and thrill that never lets up. And please don’t be frightened by it’s immense size, you will be so absorbed in the story that the pages will whiz right by and soon you will be wishing that it was longer!! This is truly one of the best books I have ever read! You will want to read this book over and over again, I know from experience:)

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    100 Stars wouldn’t be a high enough rating You better start this book one day when you have nothing to do. Because you will not be able to put it down… AT ALL! The suspense, mystery, and especially surprise in his book is amazing! It kept me up until 1am a few nights! EDEN Southworth is the best author besides our Lord and King. If you buy this book, you must buy Ishmael as well. They are both in a tie for my favorite book! Love it!

  6. anonymous (verified owner)

    The BEST book I have EVER, EVER read !!! This has to be the most interesting, most exciting, most suspenseful, most captivating, most hilarious book I have ever read!!!!! I read the 480 pages in under a week, and lent it to several good friends who also finished it in the same amount of time. I guess it goes without saying that I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this masterpiece!!!!!!

  7. anonymous (verified owner)

    This is the BEST book on earth!!!!!!!! You will love this book from the second you open it…it is by far the best book ever written!!!!!!!(take my word for it)

  8. anonymous (verified owner)

    Hidden Hand In my mind I remember sitting in our living room listening to my husband read with tears of laughter coming down his face, my teenage son is double over in laughter, everyone else was laughing too. What joy to share such a great book with your family.

    We have encouraged many people over the years to get this book and read it.

    This is our families favorite book. We have read it aloud many times, and I still want to read it again. We need more books like this one.

  9. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended I highly recommend this book! I read the 480 pages in two and a half days…it was so good! It has become my all time favorite lamplighter book!

  10. anonymous (verified owner)

    Fabulous The author is excellent in bringing it all together. This would make a wonderful movie for those who do not read.

  11. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended Intriguing and fun! Thanks for including it in the listings!!

  12. anonymous (verified owner)

    Hilarious! I have read several of Lamplighter’ books, and so far,”The Hidden Hand” ranks as my very favorite. The story is written in such a way that it keeps you in a combined state of suspense and laughter right until the end. Though some may find 480 pages a bit daunting, I could have kept reading for at least a hundred more pages. This is an excellent book, and I enjoyed every bit of it!

  13. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Hidden Hand Beautiful book! Highly recommend it!

  14. anonymous (verified owner)

    A Tale of Excitment! This is one of the most hilarious, mysterious and exciting tales I have ever read! The wide array of characters and the vivid descriptions truly draw you into this unique story. Thank you for sharing this book! I have recommended it to many friends. : )

  15. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Hidden Hand Be prepared for an engaging, challenging, and mysterious ride! This book has humor, mystery, and a little (respectable) romance mixed all in one. The language is sometimes challenging, but the story is rewarding and well worth the effort. I found it a blessing to read.

  16. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!!! I bought this book for my 14-year-old daughter at a Christian homeschool conference. We have since joined the Lamplighter book club because we love all the books so much. The Hidden Hand ranks in the top 5 books I have ever read. Great female lead character, lots of foreshadowing, twists, turns and surprises throughout the book. Yet, I love how everything comes together in the end.

  17. anonymous (verified owner)

    A MUST READ!! This was such an exciting story with so many intriguing characters! I couldn’t put this book down, and when I was finished (2.5 days with three children, a husband, a business, a home to take care of) I dreamed and day dreamed of Hurricane Hall, Old Hurricane, but especially Cap! She is the spunkiest little firecracker! Great, great story, always something happening, never a dull moment type of story! God’s providence and hidden hand shown throughout! Reading stories like this whether fiction or non-fiction helps me in my walk and having faith. My sophomore is reading it now, and when she is done, I will read it with (probably to) my 4th grader.

  18. anonymous (verified owner)

    Love Wow! This is just Wow!
    Just love this book.

  19. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful Book Great book, just the kind I’ve been looking for. Very interesting. A very nice cover and a very good story to go with it. Thanks for publishing The Hidden Hand.

  20. anonymous (verified owner)

    A Favorite I wept upon finishing this book. It was as though I was saying good-bye to precious friends. I’m now reading it again, out-loud to a gathering of friends once a week. I’m so glad to be able to share this beloved book with others!

  21. anonymous (verified owner)

    Recommend! This book has it all! Action, romance, clandestine plots, and villains mixed in with gentleness of family bonds and love. The only problem I had was that some of the situations would be too scary for certain children. It also touches on subjects that are too mature for some. Other than that, I loved it!

  22. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wow!!! Oh my goodness!! This is definitely one of my favorite Lamplighter books! It’s a really great read. As always, E.D.E.N Southworth does a great job of weaving together suspense and great morals, and it’s really inspiring. I love the unexpected twists in the book. Thank you Lamplighter for making this available!

  23. anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Engaging! I really enjoyed this book! I was intimidated at first by the size but when I started reading it didn’t seem that long. Each chapter left you hanging and wanting to keep going to see what was lurking around the next page! Most evil and mischievous acts were painted in a light that did not commend the act, but not all unfortunately. Read with a discerning eye.

  24. anonymous (verified owner)

    Beautiful Book, Page Turning Read! I bought this book for my sister in law for Christmas, after reading my mothers version of it a few years back. I fell in love with the story, bought a copy for myself, and then wanted to share (since this is on my top 10 favorite books list, and I read a LOT). The book itself is beautiful! They changed the cover over the last year or two, since it’s different then the one I bought for myself. But I actually like it better! It’s just gorgeous! My sister in law LOVED it. From one avid reader to another, she said it was the best gift!

  25. anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome! Keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way to the end! Beautifully bound book too!

  26. anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! A friend loaned me this book and said I must read it, so I did and I was absolutely blown away!!!!! It was such a good book! The suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end! I literally could not put it down!! It is definitely among my top 5 favorites, probably right below Ishmael, which is my very very favorite. 😉

  27. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Hidden Hand We couldn’t stop reading. We love the tenseness of what is going to happen next in your books.

  28. anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Highly Recommend Love this book.

  29. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Hidden Hand Excellent book for older readers.

  30. anonymous (verified owner)

    Late into the Night! One of our most favorite books! Kept my daughter up late into the night to finish. Highly recommend!

  31. anonymous (verified owner)

    Grips You Till the Very End! This is one of our favorite Lamplighter books! The character and plot are so varied and woven together so intricately that the pieces don’t come together until the very end. All of our teens loved this book- and now they are starting their own Lamplighter collection of books. The binding on this book is also particularly beautiful!

  32. anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Book! This book is #1 of my top two favorite books, and deserves more than five stars! Once started, I couldn’t put it down, and stayed up until wee hours of the morning reading it. I absolutely love every part of it, and it’s neat how God’s hand guides the paths of the characters on their upward journey. I highly recommend this book to everybody! Thank you Lamplighter for shining your light!

  33. anonymous (verified owner)

    Captivating! This is a very good book! Once you get into it, you will want to read it all at once! There were several places I laughed over so much. Old Hurricane is always yelling and threatening in a funny manner. And Cap is so audacious! You will enjoy! However, I would not recommend to younger readers.

  34. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Hidden Hand I want to thank you for the wholesome
    literature you are making available to the public in this day and age. Unfortunately, good books are becoming increasingly more difficult to
    come by. This book is unquestionably among the very best I have ever read! You do a beautiful job on the covers, as well. The embossing and
    gold lettering really set this book apart from others.
    Keep on keeping on in the good work you have begun. Not only older people, but also many youth like me, really appreciate the gift of up-building literature.

  35. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended! This is a beautiful, exciting story from start to finish. I was drawn in immediately and couldn’t put it down. It has so many unexpected plot twists and some truly delightful characters. Capitola made me laugh out loud. Definitely would recommend this book to a friend!

  36. anonymous (verified owner)

    Good, But Scary! This is a great story with fun characters and an interesting storyline which the author is careful to reveal in very tiny increments. PLEASE NOTE: there are several genuinely scary parts! My ten- and eight-year-olds cover their ears during family read-aloud time when we get to one of those sections, so take heed of the suggested age range! My favorite part of this book is the fantastic vocabulary and the footnotes which provide definitions and context for period words and phrases. Also interesting is the setting in pre-Civil War western Virginia. It provides insight into Southern antebellum society. Good read!

  37. anonymous (verified owner)

    One of my Favorites! I got this book this spring and thoroughly enjoyed it. I kept telling my sisters about it and as soon as I finished I passed it on to them. My sister (who does not like to read) read it over the summer and now our younger sister has it. We all say it is one of our favorite books.

  38. anonymous (verified owner)

    Captivating, Edge of Your Seat Drama! My only regret with this book was that I didn’t have the 3 days, as did Mark Hamby, to sit down and just soak it up, as he mentions in the preface. I loved it! It has taken me a bit longer to get through it only because of LIFE getting in the way… Ha-ha! The author has done a superb job of introducing us to his characters and causing them to be endeared to our hearts. There are chapters where I was holding my breath and I just couldn’t put it down, though it was late at night! Definitely worth your time to read! I would echo what other reviewers have said about watching the age appropriateness as it can be very intense! I love the way footnotes are used to define some words that are unfamiliar, but I’m so glad Lamplighter has kept them in! We could use some more vocabulary in our society. Another terrific Lamplighter book that I’m Highly Recommending!

  39. anonymous (verified owner)

    Another Great Read! I thought I had the plot completely figured out about a third of the way through, and boy was a I wrong! I highly compliment the author on entwining so many characters so neatly into one brillent, rather bewildering, plot. I’ve always liked E.D.E.N. Southworth’s writings and the “Hidden Hand” did not let my espectations for a nice mystery down. I admired Capitola’s strength of self-control but was a little wared down by the constant outburst of her “uncle” and some of her rather obstinate ways. All-in-all I enjoyed myself emencely and recommend it to you who want a good mystery/story to read!

  40. anonymous (verified owner)

    Great! But Very Intense! So Good! It is very hard to put it down!

  41. anonymous (verified owner)

    Really a wonderful book for all!! This is such an uplifting and beautiful story from the beginning to end. All of my 7 children loved it, even my oldest!! Highly recommend this for everyone!!!

  42. anonymous (verified owner)

    Best in Awhile Such a wonderful book. The language is so full and rich.

  43. anonymous (verified owner)

    Love It! I absolutely LOVE this book, and the main character. Capitola is a very spirited young woman, who learns to govern herself by the hand of the Lord. I will probably be reading this again in the near future! It is SO good!

  44. anonymous (verified owner)

    One of the Best! Love this book! It was recommended by the vendor and I adored it. It’s a really good read with lots of character, a little mystery, and great writing. Definitely would recommend!

  45. anonymous (verified owner)

    One of my Favorite What a read! This is a long book! About 150 pages in, I thought, “this could wrap up about now” and then something happened that took the plot to a whole new level and I was captivated for the duration. The characters are so well defined. I LOVE Cap. She’s just my kind of girl, a little incorrigible but pure in heart. I found myself laughing at her as well as Old Hurricane. Either of these characters could literally be every man. Lamplighter says they reserve the right to edit a book to clean it up and make sure it is not objectionable. This book is obviously edited. But while, details and graphic language or images have been removed, it loses nothing in intensity and meaning. Redemption, Forgiveness, steadfastness, Devotion, among others, are all themes woven expertly throughout the story that demonstrates repeatedly the Hidden Hand of God. Love this book

  46. anonymous (verified owner)

    My Top Favorite Lamplighter Book I love so many of the Lamplighter books but this one is for sure number one on my list of favorite. It has everything in a story a person could want. Capitola is my favorite character in the story, I love her spirit and love for adventure. I highly recommend this book for anyone that loves a good long exciting read. I love that the book was so long, you don’t find good books that are that long now days. I can’t wait for the audio of this book to come out, it sure has been long awaited. Excellent book!

  47. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Hidden Hand This was one of the very first Lamplighter books that I read many years ago. I think I have purchased nearly every volume Lamplighter has published since.
    I’ve sent this as a gift to a dear friend. I hope to make her as big a fan of Lamplighter publishing as I am.

  48. anonymous (verified owner)

    Never Stopping Page Turner This book is a never ending page turner. I have never in my life finished a book this large in 3 days. I just couldn’t put it down. This book is not just a great and exciting read for the old or young or for one gender over the other. It is an amazing read that anyone would enjoy. The ending is worth reading every page because it explains every question the reader has in one of the most amazing ways I have ever read. You will not be the same person after your experience with this book.

  49. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended I’ve only read 4 Lamplighter books but this is thus far my favorite. Great character development, kept you going with several twists and turns always wondering how they will tie it all together. Good length in novel, not too short.

  50. anonymous (verified owner)

    Superb Story There has been so many good reviews left of this book, I don’t know if I can say anything that hasn’t been said already, but I’ll try! First off, I love the storyline! The plot had many unexpected and surprising twists and turns. For me, it was captivating from start to finish. Also, the main characters each had trials to face and lessons to learn, each having their spirit and character refined and strengthened in the Lord. I would definitely recommend this book! Thank you, Lamplighter!

  51. anonymous (verified owner)

    LOVE It!!!!!!!!!!!! I give this book 100 zillion stars!!!!!! The author expertly combines hilarity, love, mystery, and all together equals : THE VERY BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!! A must have!!!!!

  52. anonymous (verified owner)

    Best Book Ever!!! This is the best book ever!!!!!! I absolutely love it, and the author was a genius!!!! Old Hurricane starts off the story with a boom!!! Capitola adds laughter, and all in all, complete suspense and mystery!!!!! YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!

  53. anonymous (verified owner)

    Incredible!!! This book was amazing! I would strongly recommend to anyone! It’s incredible to see how everything comes together in the end of the book!

  54. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Hidden Hand It was an amazing book! I could barely put it down. I loved Capitola most of all.

  55. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Hidden Hand This was a great book! It was hard for us to stop reading it! It kept you in suspense all the way to the end. I liked all the connections it had and trying to figure out how everything was connected. I am looking forward to hearing the audio drama!

  56. anonymous (verified owner)

    Where Has This Book Been All My Life? Thoroughly enjoyed this story, and would recommend it to others.

  57. anonymous (verified owner)

    Engaging and Humorous I’ve had this book on my shelf for 14 years! I finally got around to reading it and am sorry I put off. Such a fun and exciting story. It’s definitely one of the better Christian novels I’ve read. Not like some that squeeze in a few paragraphs about religion as an afterthought. The bible was actually interwoven throughout the story. Loved Cap even though she’s far too bossy to be properly respectful, at least in my opinion.

  58. anonymous (verified owner)

    Forever a Favorite! The Hidden Hand has been read aloud to all ages in our household and purchased for many a gifts!

  59. anonymous (verified owner)

    An Excellent Literary Adventure! A wonderful book with wonderfully creative use of the English language synonymous with authors of times past. I found the story gripping and engaging throughout with enough twists and turns to keep this mid-20s book-lover reading every day. The story is well-structured and paced (especially the opening), the setting depicted vividly, and the characters have their unique qualities, flaws, and ways of speaking that makes the story easy to follow and track conversations.

    Highly recommended

  60. anonymous (verified owner)

    Good Enough to Read Again! Saying that I’ve read it twice is huge because I really never do that! This book has so much depth and mystery that it’s hard to put down! The characters are full of interest, the plot is suspenseful, and it’s just “good literature.”

  61. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Hidden Hand This is one of my favorite books. When I learned a new friend enjoyed the same type of reading I bought a book for her for Christmas.
    I love the twists and turns this story has.

  62. anonymous (verified owner)

    One of My Favorites!!! This is an amazing book! Lamplighter continues to amaze me with the quality of stories they put out every year. This one though is a true treasure, and probably among the best books I’ve ever read! Definitly one of my favorites. You will not be dissapointed in this one!

  63. Tina Neufeld (verified owner)

    This is still by far my favourite Lamplighter book. The mix of humour, history, and heartfelt sentiment is just right. The reason I gave it four instead of five stars is because the binding was glued instead of sewn, and the gold leaf was printed off of the pattern. Our older copy from several years ago is better quality.

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