Throw Me Overboard


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Now here is a story with a twist. When faced with false accusations and public
humiliation, our hero shows us how to do what’s right, even when taking the easy way out could have cleared his name. As he travels the tempestuous seas of dishonesty, greed, and distrust, you will find yourself so engaged with the story that you will literally want to deliver this lad from his distressing quandary. And if this isn’t enough to capture your attention, you will meet our heroine Florinda, who is faced with a most difficult decision as she deals with pride, vanity and peer pressure.

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3 reviews for Throw Me Overboard

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful Book For All Ages! I read this book in one sitting. For such a thin read, this book packs a punch, even though I am seventeen years old and way past the suggested reading age. Though the hero takes honesty almost to a fault, his dedication to truth is inspiring and convicting. Read this book; it will challenge you to strive for truth in your own life, even if it means going overboard.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful Book Ned reminds me of David in the Bible. His trust in God, his work ethic and his love of family are admirable. For those who are misunderstood or even falsely accused, Ned proves an excellent example. Trust the one who knows the heart to vindicate us. I loved the message of this book… read in one sitting and will certainly read many more times in the future.

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Small Book; Powerful Story Although this book is a fairly quick read, it sure packs a powerful punch! I read it aloud to my girls, ages 11 & 12 and both of them agreed that Ned is the kind of kid you can strive to emulate. We discussed how a “promise” made under circumstances where you are threatened (even if they threaten to hurt your family), it is not the kind of promise you have to keep, but rather tell to parents immediately. I’m glad Ned was vindicated, but I think he shouldn’t have been afraid to discuss the situation with his parents in private. It’s a good first book for those just getting into Lamplighter books!

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