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“There were guns blazing, shells flying, and swords flashing and hacking away!” Teddy recounts the bravery of his father’s heroic deed. But rivalry between a soldier’s son and a sailor’s daughter drives Teddy to his breaking point until he learns of a new battle, a new enemy, and a new Captain, whose orders are to fight all battles with the banner of love! We are delighted to bring you one of our most treasured stories of all time and an instant classic in the Lamplighter Collection—Teddy’s Button.

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22 reviews for Teddy's Button

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    A Classic! A great classic worthy of purchasing and reading.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend A wonderful story for children to see a little boys dedication to his Lord.

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Teddy’s Button We just finished reading “Teddy’s Button” as our read-aloud at lunchtime and ALL of my children (11, 8, 5, and 3) LOVED IT!!! Such a great story with amazing lessons within it!

  4. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing Book When I read a book to my children and it makes a difference in their lives, I am so blessed. Teddy’s Button caused my young children to think about their own actions and desire to please their Captain. Wonderful!!

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    Review An absolutely wonderful book! I’ve wanted this book for quite a long time, and finally took the leap and purchased it. No disappointed here!

  6. anonymous (verified owner)

    We ALL Loved Teddy’s Button! A friend gifted this to us and together my 9 year old daughter, 7 year old son and I read it aloud to each other over the course of a few days. It really brought the gospel into practical and delightful terms. All three of us have now named our enemy. Even now, 6 months later we continue to hold the banner and both kids refer to their Captain and the battles they face. Wonderful book!

  7. anonymous (verified owner)

    Teddy’s Button This is the kind of book I have been looking for forever! Beautiful story, and I love that it just inspires my children (and myself) to goodness. Thank you!

  8. anonymous (verified owner)

    Game Changer This book is a game changer.

  9. anonymous (verified owner)

    Another Incredible Story! I love the Lamplighter books! And, just as important, my children love them! Virtuous messages, beautifully written! I look forward to buying many more!

  10. anonymous (verified owner)

    Vintage Look, Wonderful Quality!! I knew that these books were reprints of very old classics, but I didn’t realize that they were made in such a way to look like the originals! Wow! These are beautiful! I am looking forward to collecting the rest of these treasures! I think I will use the monthly book club as an economical way to get these! Thank you SO much for making these available to us!

  11. anonymous (verified owner)

    Beautiful Book! We received Teddy’s Button a few days ago and I was impressed with the quality of the book. It’s cover is attractive and the font/print inside is pleasant and easy to read. I also like how some of the unfamiliar vocabulary is defined at the bottom of the pages. Great story so far too!

  12. anonymous (verified owner)

    Especially For Boys I ordered this for my grandchildren. Girls will like it, as an important character is a girl, but boys will be thrilled with the idea of being a soldier for Jesus at their own age. The metaphor of fighting the enemy within is especially good.

  13. anonymous (verified owner)

    What a Sweet Story! Teddy’s Button is the story of a young boy who meets Jesus early in life. It gives children and adults insight into the struggle of young children against their sinful natures as they give their hearts to God and begin to follow Him. My children and I really enjoyed reading this book aloud. I believe my children came away with a larger understanding of their place in God’s army.

  14. anonymous (verified owner)

    Red Book It was a good book when I read it a while ago on my kindle. I got it in hard copy for my 8 year old brother who is getting the hang of reading and comprehension. We just started the book. So far he likes it. The story is a great one. Very good lessons and intense climax. It is a great book for older and younger siblings to read together.

  15. anonymous (verified owner)

    Best Children’s BOOK All Time A friend loaned us this book & we FELL.IN.LOVE. The story is so fun and captivating. It is full of character building & great biblical insight. My 4,6, & 8 yr olds enjoyed it thoroughly (4 yr old son was more captivated by the audio book). We loved reading it together as a family. My son said he wanted to be a soldier for God’s army!!! I can’t say enough good about this book as it helps simplify how to give yourself to Jesus, share Him with others & how to fight your worst enemy (yourself!). I laughed, cried (the children often asked me are you okay mom?) every time.
    We even learned new words, as it’s a hard read but oh sooooo worth it. I’ll be so pleased to know it will be passed down generations to come.

  16. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent Book ; Highly Recommended! Our family owns and enjoy a number of Lamplighter books and dramatic CDs, but on the top of the favorite list is Teddy’s Button. It clearly gives the message of our struggle with sin , specifically, our struggle with our sinful self, our need for Christ, our Savior, and the transforming power of God after salvation. The whole family will thoroughly enjoy this book.

  17. anonymous (verified owner)

    Teddy’s Button Wonderful,wonderful,wonderful..this is the greatest. Jim

  18. anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic This was a fantastic book. I read it out loud to my 8 year old daughter. She enjoyed it so much that she is reading it again on her own. We both learned a great deal from this book. You’ll love seeing Teddy on his journey to salvation in Christ and watching him grow and mature as a Christian. I love watching him battle his greatest enemy. It greatly encouraged me to battle mine. My daughter says she gives this book 5 out of 5 stars too. 🙂

  19. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend for Anyone!!!! This was the first Lamplighter title (and Lamplighter Theatre audio drama) that I ever read or listened to… and it captivated me from the beginning! Teddy is so full of joy and mischief; yet I love how he learns to conquer himself by being a soldier for Christ. I recommend this book for everyone 🙂

  20. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended This book is exciting and captures a struggle all of us face in an interesting and captivating way. You can not help but fall in love with Teddy.

  21. anonymous (verified owner)

    A Favorite! This is one of my favorite books, and I’m an adult who reads hundreds of books a year. It’s engaging, hilarious, touching, thought-provoking, interesting, and convicting. All in the guise of a children’s story! One of my very favorite things about this author is how impeccably she used her gift of cloaking great truths in interesting stories while never coming across as being overtly preachy. I’m a Christian and love finding great Christian books for my nieces and nephews to read, but sometimes I’m turned off from a book because there’s more preaching than storytelling going on. There is certainly a time and place for that, but in my experience a storybook that’s a storybook instead of a sermon has a bigger and more lasting impact on a child’s life, and this author was a master at her craft. I’m thankful she used those gifts for the Lord, and that we can still reap the benefits!

  22. anonymous (verified owner)

    Intriguing My eight-yr-old daughter and I loved this story. It’s very intriguing and heartwarming. This story is about a boy who is very proud of his father and rather embellished stories of his father, at least at first. I love his journey in his relationship with Christ it was adorable and he has a big heart for others. A definite must read, but for girls we liked “The Basket of Flowers” even more!

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