Unforgettable Summer, The


After turning through the first few pages, you will find yourself irresistibly drawn into the world of young, tender-hearted Arthur. Traveling alone to the home of his miserly grandfather, Arthur soon makes friends with the neighbors next door. Full of vigor, the Cameron boys, by example, teach the young orphan how to study well, play hard, and work diligently. Arthur finds comfort for his heart in this humble family who loves the Lord.

With new friends and new hope, new adventures are underway. One day Arthur and his friends meet an old man by the name of Christie. Overcome with sorrow at losing his only son, Old Christie lives a solitary life in his simple woodland cabin. Seeing an opportunity to serve, Arthur and the Camerons resolve at once to make friends with the hermit. What started as a single fireside visit soon becomes a frequent excursion to Old Christie’s cabin. The fire is lit in the hearth, the tea put on to boil, and the floor swept when the children come around. Each day brings a new outlook on life for the old man. He begins to see something he had never seen before—something that you are about to experience.

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