Lamplighter Theatre Season 1 – MP3 Download


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7 Dramatic Audios:
Sir Malcolm and The Missing Prince
The Basket of Flowers
Charlie’s Choice
The Captive
The Unexpected Return
The Hedge of Thorns
A Peep Behind the Scenes. Save an additional $20 from buying individually!

4 reviews for Lamplighter Theatre Season 1 - MP3 Download

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Inspiring I have kids ranging in age from 4-10 years old and they LOVE the stories by Lamplighter. We have also found it a great tool to point out important lessons contained within the stories. My husband and I have also been challenged in our faith when listening to them.
    Thanks for stories reproduced so well.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Worth it! Excellent, well-produced series. What a great alternative to TV/movies! I wish more “active listening” content like this was available and am happy to pay the premium price to support this kind of art. Our 7-year old loves it and is now asking to listen to Lamplighter before she asks to watch a movie.

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Effectual I first heard of Lamplighter through a lady minister who spoke very highly of Lamplighter Theatre. When I first visited the website, I thought the prices were just too expensive for a story but I couldn’t put it out of my mind. I finally came back and ordered Jessica’s Journey on MP3 just to try it out, and loved it! I saw how long the stories actually are. They were a far cry from the 30 min episodes I was accustomed to. After finishing Jessica’s Journey and realizing the quality of what I’d heard, I immediately went back and ordered Season 1. The rest soon followed…little by little I’ve collected them all! I’ve listened to them over and over and still get lost in the stories. I can’t wait for more to come out! They are completely worth the price and your time. They are truly dramatic, totally engaging and beyond effectual. Enjoy!

    Thank You Lamplighter!

  4. anonymous (verified owner)

    Theatre Season 1 We enjoyed the Godly stories as we drove down the highway. Our children are older now (ages 20 – 14) and we have always homeschooled. The stories were wonderfully engaging and wisely enriched with character building morals. I actually had to choke back tears as I listened to A Peep Behind the Scenes since my aunts played an integral part in my up bringing. Thank you for this ministry. I highly recommend every story!

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