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Kidnapped by Algerian pirates, Anselmo finds himself on the auction block in a foreign country. When offered an easy escape from life’s tough circumstances, some would eagerly jump at the opportunity and flee the trials that God has laid in their path—but Anselmo is made of sterner stuff. With unyielding faith in his Savior, he brings glory to God. Watch as God unfolds a bounty of blessing because one young man recognizes the goodness of his Creator in every circumstance, both good and ill.

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22 reviews for Dramatic Audio CD - Captive

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    An excellent resource Here is yet another excellent resource for families, no… people of any age to use! I have purchased this one for our church lending library. Our family enjoyed this during an extended time in the car, too. Even as I write this, this CD set is in the possession of a 12 year old girl and her family as they enjoy listening to it. The quality is great. You won’t be disappointed!

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended! What an unexpected and very timely tale of forgiveness and sacrifice, pitting the Christian and Muslim worldviews against one another in an exciting tale of hatred and love. The example of Anselmo and his friend and their total devotion to whatever mission field God brings their way, including Muslim masters and pirates, is very inspiring as well as convicting. Kudos!

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    “Captive-ating!” Very convicting and solid Truth! Amazing story and an excellent production!!

  4. anonymous (verified owner)

    You Will NOT Be Disappointed! How are we to minister to people? How can we tell them about God’s love? How can we serve God no matter what our circumstances? Come and meet Anselmo and he will teach you how. This is a powerful story of a boy who is reduced to slavery but grasps every opportunity to share the love of God – through deeds and words. Your family will be on the edge of their seats as they follow Anselmo on a journey testing his faith and devotion and proving over and over that God has a plan for every life.

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Captive This is a truly Gospel oriented story. This was very much enjoyed by my 14 year old daughter—we all enjoyed it. Sharing the Gospel under duress is often the best time to do it!

  6. anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Highly Recommended Our family loves all the lamplighter books. The quality is exceptional and keeps us on the edge of our seats. We listen in the car, but sometimes I have to turn it off because it’s so engrossing and I have to drive.

  7. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended This is a must-have in everyone’s Lamplighter collection!

  8. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful! The Captive is an exciting story about faith and love. Children of all ages will whole heartedly enjoy this story as I and my family have.

  9. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing!!! I loved this audio drama! It was truly amazing, exciting, comforting, and encouraging. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!

  10. anonymous (verified owner)

    Sharing the Gospel This is a great encouraging story to keep sharing the gospel by word and deed no matter what the people around may do to us. The Muslim’s need Christ too as in this story. We enjoyed the story and its passion. As far as the drama part, the accents of the Muslim people didn’t sound real, though I’m sure that is hard to accomplish. Keep up the good work.

  11. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended Excellent! My only complaint is that the music is often much louder than the voices requiring intermittent adjustment of the volume.

  12. anonymous (verified owner)

    Thrilling and Powerful Story!!! This audio CD has been my favorite since I started listening to the Lamplighter Theatre Collection! It has a very powerful message for all of us in living for others and self-denial. It has a captivating story from one extreme to the next. You will be on the edge of your seat as one adventure leads to another for Anselmo!

  13. anonymous (verified owner)

    A Must Have! The parallels between the story and our world today… wow! The truth of God’s love and our responsibility to share it everyday is very compelling.

  14. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended This adventure takes me (the listener) into a labyrinth of challenges to consider how relationships are destroyed within comfort zones and status quo norms that ignorantly and foolishly lead oneself to selfishness and pride. The character, Anselmo, is Jesus Christ in us – BY THE SPIRIT. Period.

  15. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Captive My 9 & 11 year old boys really enjoyed this audio drama. There were some parts where the music seemed scary to my 5 year old son, but he was able to listen to the entire CD with us and enjoy it too. I recommend this for all young boys.

  16. anonymous (verified owner)

    Good Audio! The Captive was a cool audio that has a lot of excitement. I liked this audio though it was not one of my personal favorites. Recommended to everyone.

  17. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Captive: Short and Excellent Overall, I thought this was good. It was exciting and kept my attention.

    My only criticism of this is that it seemed a little short, and the voice acting of Anselmo and Dominic at some times seems a little… forced.

    Even still, I thought it was good and I am happy with my purchase. My 7 and 9 year old sons enjoyed it as well.

  18. anonymous (verified owner)

    Captive The grandchildren are really enjoying this CD. They get to the point that they don’t want to leave the van because the CD is getting so excited that they want to listen to what is going to happen next.

  19. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Captive: Changed my Heart I was 40 years old when I listened to this story for the first time and, as an adult, I have grown spiritually through its impact. I also appreciate how Lamplighter is sticking with the AV text when referencing direct scripture quotes. This means a lot to my family.

  20. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful Performance The over all performance was inspiring.

  21. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing! I got this audio for my brother for his birthday. When we listened to it, I was touched at how much Love is stronger than hate.
    I was especially glad that nobody dies in the story! Extra star for that.:) This is a wonderful audio that will keep you on the edge of your seat!!! I want to get the book now.

  22. anonymous (verified owner)

    It Held Us Captive! We got to listen to this story on a short road trip, we listened to half on the way to and the other half on the way home. My girls couldn’t wait to get back in the car to finish it. Such a powerful story and an encouragement to ALL of us who strive to hold our faith dear.

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