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Charlie dreams of a better life where money can cure all ills. When his dream is just within his grasp, he must make a decision that could separate him from his mother, father, brothers, and sister forever! This story proves Solomon’s proverb to be true: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Charlie’s Choice is sure to become a family favorite for years to come.


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33 reviews for Dramatic Audio CD - Charlie's Choice

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful Story! What a wonderfully done story! I love that it always turns the glory back to God and I’m thankful for good stories for my children to listen to.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended! This tale of faith and love, prayer and perseverance, is one of my children’s favorites. There are so many unexpected twists and turns, but again, there is the recurring theme of God’s love and faithfulness to everyone involved to create from a dark and sometimes oppressive situation a beautiful and lasting tapestry of forgiveness and unity…but only when we obey God and trust Him for the outcome.

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Thrilling, Inspiring, AWESOME! This thrilling, INSPIRING story is my favorite Lamplighter drama so far!

  4. anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Highly Recommended Our family loves all the lamplighter books. The quality is exceptional and keeps us on the edge of our seats. We listen in the car, but sometimes I have to turn it off because it’s so engrossing and I have to drive.

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    Exceptional Lamplighter stories are such a blessing to our family and to all families who want to raise children to love God. Charlie’s Choice is another exceptional story emphasizing that true success and true happiness does not lie in having things in the world, but in a life that honors God and fulfills God’s purpose. We cannot recommend Lamplighters highly enough – 10+ stars!

  6. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended Such high values! Charlie remains faithful and true to his Captain (the Lord Jesus Christ). My 7 yr. old son, 11 yr. old daughter, and 15 yr. old son enjoyed this audio drama.

  7. anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Audio Even our two year old couldn’t wait to hear the rest of the story!

  8. anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Good! Very good story! My 8 year old son was totally engaged. We listen to these on road trips and love them.

  9. anonymous (verified owner)

    One Of The Best I think this is one of the best Lamplighter Dramas so far. Eclipsed only by Titus-Comrade of the Cross. We all enjoyed this one quite a bit. My kids are 8, 11, and 13. After we would stop for a break and get back in the van they would say “turn the story back on!”

  10. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend! We loved this! We listened in the car and each time we got somewhere we never wanted to get out of the car. Amazing lessons to be learned!

  11. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent Excellent story! One of our favorites! Nothing too scary for the younger members of our family (4 and 6).

  12. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend!!! Wonderful story!!!! My children loved it!!!

  13. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! Great lessons to be learned by people of all ages! My girls always get excited when we receive a package from Lamplighter Publishing.

  14. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend What can I say? Another great one! I am amazed at how great each of these audios are. I think each time that this one is the best.

  15. anonymous (verified owner)

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite audio dramas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I bought it for my family of 9 for Christmas 2015. I CAN”T WAIT for them to hear it!!!!!
    Thanks so much Lamplighter!!!!!!!!

  16. anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Present We have these already and liked them so much we ordered some for prizes for our award night at our VBS!

  17. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Whole Family LOVED it!! My kids are 2, 4, 6, and 9. The 4, 6, and 9 year old begged to listen to more every night (we listen to a little before bed). The kids were engaged with strong opinions about the characters and how the story played out. And I loved the values that were reinforced without them realizing it. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, it is!!!!!

  18. anonymous (verified owner)

    Entire Family LOVED it!! My kids are 2, 4, 6, and 9. The 4, 6, and 9 year old begged to listen to more every night (we listen to a little before bed). The kids were engaged with strong opinions about the characters and how the story played out. And I loved the values that were reinforced without them realizing it. If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, it is!!!!!

  19. anonymous (verified owner)

    Adventure Upon Adventure! Another excellent dramatization from Lamplighter. Excellent story for boys! Although girls would like it too. Goes to show how God’s hand is upon all.

  20. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent My children and I love these wonderful stories. Nothing compares.

  21. anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Story About Choices Charlie’s Choice, as well as all the Lamplighter stories, was filled with great truths about making choices in life and the legacy consequences they can have good and bad. My daughter is captivated by your audio dramas and it leads to great discussions about life and God’s truths. Thanks for how committed you are to the purity of the message from the books. We look forward to our monthly Lamplighter mail with anticipation!!
    May God continue to bless your ministry and work.

  22. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended This is our first Lamplighter audio theater production. I am amazed by how much went into making this. Sounds effects, music, and different actors. I really enjoyed this story! I cried, laughed, and cheered for the characters in the story.

  23. anonymous (verified owner)

    Charlie’s Choice My kids & I really loved Charlie’s Choice!
    I wish all the Lamplighter audios were a mandatory part of all schools. Every family should have this entire library in their homes. We love, love, loved this story! We adore all of the Lamplighter audios. We absolutely hang on every word & feel as if we personally know the characters in every story – I cry & laugh & cringe! They are so exciting, moving & touching. We also see the courage that rises up & the character that is produced through suffering.
    These stories are real & inspiring – I shall be giving them as gifts to everyone!

  24. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended We loved the book and we love the audio drama.

  25. anonymous (verified owner)

    A Favorite Our family has always loved the story of Charlie’s Choice and we were thrilled to finally get the audio drama! Keep up the good work and may the Lord bless you!

  26. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful Content! This is our first audio purchase from Lamplighter. I was very impressed with the quality of the dramatization and with the content. This is a wonderful way to present values and Biblical character content!

  27. anonymous (verified owner)

    Captivating and Powerful! We have just recently discovered Lamplighter Publishing thanks to friends recommending it! I have 2 sons and we cannot get enough of these audio books. Charlie’s Choice is one of our favorites. The productions are so well done and are packed with such valuable solid biblical truths. I’m so thankful for this option for my boys. I feel it’s a powerful, life changing alternative to what the world has to offer for their ages (8 & 11). Thank you!!

  28. anonymous (verified owner)

    One of Our Favourites! My family has listened to all of the lamplighter theatre so far and this is one of our favourites. Probably #2 on my list. The White Gypsy taking 1st.

  29. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent!! I have all the cds but these were gifts to friends who use them in homeschooling -they totally love them.

  30. anonymous (verified owner)

    Loved It‼️ This a great addition to our growing audio dramas as we have ALL but 3 of the dramas… BEST INVESTMENT anyone could make‼️ We listen to them over and over…😃

  31. anonymous (verified owner)

    Charlie’s Choice CD Wow! This was my family’s first Lamplighter experience, book or otherwise and we have nothing but praise! What an amazing story! The acting and effects on the CD were wonderful! We are so excited to purchase more audio books from Lamplighter!

  32. anonymous (verified owner)

    Compelling Media Alternative I was first introduced to Lamplighter Theatre with this story. The narrative intro with Finnian Jones got me hooked right away. I’ve always loved quirky eccentric characters who have a way with words. As for the story drama, I was definitely impressed. Very well crafted with a straightforward message about godly character and life choice rewards and consequences. I look forward to continuing to purchase these books and audio dramas for some time to replace my former library of TV, Movies and Anime. One down, thirty-some to go…

  33. anonymous (verified owner)

    Solid Example For Kids of All Ages Our family LOVES listening to character building stories. I’m always glad to find more to add to our library. CHARLIE’S CHOICE didn’t disappoint. Such a beautiful story and full of emotion. My favorite line…”Mama, I’ll always be your boy.”
    Can’t wait for more Lamplighter Theater productions!

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