Best For Young Boys & Girls Ages 6-11 2020 (13 titles)


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Best for Young Boys and Girls ages 6-11 includes 13 titles. If you are looking for great savings, this premiere beginning collection is for you – a magnificent introduction to Lamplighter books!

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The following titles are included in this collection: 
  • Basil; Or, Honesty and Industry

    This story is filled with gems of truth, the value of which cannot be measured. Young Basil takes these treasures to heart and determines to live by them. He learns to pray, not that God would make him rich, but enable him to act honestly and . . .

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  • Christie's Old Organ

    A heartwarming story about a young boy who is on a quest to find out how his dear old friend Treffy can get to "home, sweet home." One of the most famous children's novels of the Victorian era, Christie's Old Organ continues to . . .

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  • Giant Killer

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  • Helen's Temper and its Consequences

    Helen and Betty could not be more different in their perspectives of the destitute people that live around them. When Helen, the older sister, hears the story of the Good Samaritan she is rewarded for her classroom achievements, while the other . . .

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  • Jack the Conqueror, or Difficulties Overcome

    No obstacle can daunt Jack's resolve. He has made up his mind to become a useful, honest man and, most of all, to conquer difficulties! His greatest resolve is to learn to read, and he will surmount obstacles of great magnitude to fulfill his dream.

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  • Jessica's First Prayer

    Barefoot little Jessica lives in a home where no one knows about God. She looks forward to spending time once a week with Mr. Dan'el, a miserly old coffee peddler who eases his darkened conscience by giving her stale bread and coffee.

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  • Jill's Red Bag

    Jill is relentless in her desire to see others give their tithe to God. She and her siblings love to act out the stories that they have read about. After hearing the story of Jacob at Bethel, Jill determines to do more than play the story of Jacob.

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  • Joseph's Shield

    New Release 2015! You are about to experience a story that takes children to the next level in their journey with the Lord, their fight against sin and their cultivation of character…

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  • Little Sir Galahad

    When the townspeople of Alverton look upon the little boy, they have adequate reason to call him "Poor David." But he is perhaps wealthier than all who look upon him. His wealth is in the golden light of his smile and the richness of his mind.

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  • Little Threads

    It was Mrs. Prentiss' intent that this little gem would be a tool through which children would learn to obey. Read about the contrasting lives of Tangle Thread and Golden Thread; one is the cause of much grief for her godly mother, and the other . . .

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  • Probable Sons

    Unable to say the word "Prodigal," Milly finds herself confronting her rigid, self-absorbed uncle as a true "Probable Son." This English country gentleman has no time or patience for children, but little Milly melts the heart of everyone she meets . . .

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  • Teddy's Button

    Rivalry between a soldier’s son and a sailor’s daughter teaches our beloved Teddy about a new battle, a new enemy, and a new Captain, whose orders are to fight all battles with the banner of love!

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  • White Dove, The

    Filled with the intrigue of knights and nobles, thieves and robbers, this is a story of friendship and sacrifice. A little girl agrees to give up her precious white dove to prove her friendship, and lives are miraculously saved.

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Available on backorder

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3 reviews for Best For Young Boys & Girls Ages 6-11 2020 (13 titles)

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Probable Sons I bought 13 titles and have just read this one. It is a wonderful story! I bought it as a gift for my grandchildren.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Books to Read to Your Children! I’ve been waiting to buy these books for two years. The lot of them are super expensive so I had to save up. Worth every penny. My 10 year old daughter & I love reading together every evening and what better kind of book than one that teaches biblical truths and Godly character! Great stories that encourage conversations and bonding. Couldn’t be more excited, thankful or pleased. Will read these when age appropriate to my other two children.

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Worth It!! I wanted to get this set for my children for years but I hesitated to do so because of the price. Just let me say that it is worth it! The books are beautiful inside and out! I’m thankful for the character my children are gaining!

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