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Jill is relentless in her desire to see others give their tithe to God. She and her siblings love to act out the stories that they have read about. After hearing the story of Jacob at Bethel, Jill determines to do more than play the story of Jacob. She begins a crusade to reach the Golden City by setting up her own altar and giving her tithe to God. On the way to the Golden City, she learns the valuable lesson that God seeks much more than the treasure of the traveler. Jack and Bumps demonstrate how effectively young people can be at doing the work of God regardless of their age.

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6 reviews for Jill's Red Bag

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent Read Aloud I read this book as a read-aloud with a 5yr.old boy and 11 and 13yr. old girls. The adventures of the three young children in the story draw you in and keep you reading.

    As with each of the other Lamplighter books we have read there always seems to be something for everyone regardless of age, gender, or spiritual maturity. In this book as with the others we have read there are several layers of character lessons presented making it profitable to read again and again. New insights are gained depending on the character trait(s) that you are currently working on.

    Some of the questions this book left us asking were, “Are we giving back to God?”, and if so, “What is our heart attitude as as give back to Him?”. Our life, our days, our health, our finances, every blessing is from above do we offer it all back to God with open hearts and open hands as an act of worship or do we cling tightly to those things claiming them as ours?

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Family Read Aloud I have read “Jill’s Red Bag” with a 5-yr. old boy, and 11 and 13yr. old girls. The adventures and activities of the three young siblings in the story drew us in and kept us interested.

    As with the other Lamplighter books we have read, there is something for everyone regardless of age, gender or spiritual maturity. There are several layers of character and spiritual lessons to be learned when reading any of the books Lamplighter publishes making them a desirable addition to every family’s home library to be read and re-read again and again. This particular book, “Jill’s Red Bag”, left us asking a few questions…”Are we giving back to God that which He has so benevolently given us?” and “Are we giving back to Him with open heart and open hands as an act of worship or are we clinging tightly to those gifts claiming them as our own possessions?”

    I invite you to sit back, relax, gather your children around you and share the story of “Jill’s Red Bag” together and allow God to work in each of you molding and shaping your character to reflect that of Christ. Enjoy!

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Jill’s Red Bag I am currently reading aloud Jill’s Red Bag to my 6- and 8-year-old daughters. My husband never wants me to read it unless he is nearby to hear it too! We enjoy the humor and depth of teaching toward Christian truth. This book is teaching valuable character to not only my daughters, but to me as well. When we have to put it down, we can’t wait until we can read the next chapter! All the Lamplighter books have a great balance of interest, excitement, biblical teaching, and character-building, as well as appealing to the heart and emotions.

  4. anonymous (verified owner)

    Another Favorite I remember the hymn “We give Thee but Thine Own” I learned as a child. We sang this hymn before taking offering in Sunday School in the 4th grade. This book brought back those memories and is a reminder that God owns it all! We should be glad to give back part of what He has so graciously given to us. Jill today would probably be called a legalist but I like her spunk! Loved the book!

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    Jill’s Red Bag Excellent! I am anxious to give it to one of my granddaughters. She’s in the middle of a family of 8 youngsters and they often read these books aloud as a family once the child has read it and that will be good with this one!

  6. anonymous (verified owner)

    Enjoyed This Book Tremendously The author used the various characters to teach a very important aspect of worship and that’s tithing. I liked the flow and development of the story. I couldn’t put down the book once I started. As a mother, I would definitely recommend this book to my children and other children to read, for it is very readable and teaches soundly, why we should tithe.

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