Phil Tyler’s Stand


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Pressure is on in South Madison when Phil Tyler moves
into town! The new merchant is a bold, unashamed Christian and a far cry from
being a people pleaser. Phil’s aim is to bring righteousness to a community
riddled with lawlessness and disorder. While his straightforward approach is a
threat and nuisance to some, others appreciate how Phil’s courage and faith
bring about much needed change, not only in the town of South Madison, but in
the lives of several individuals as well.


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2 reviews for Phil Tyler's Stand

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Recommend This is an excellent example of how we as Christians should be living in this world, will to uphold the law, and to bring praise and glory to God through the everyday conduct of our lives. I love how unashamed Phil is about speaking out to others about how happy he is in Jesus and the effect it has on those around him.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Bold and Unashamed I recently added this recommended book to my new library. I like this character who stands for law and order and has an unstoppable spirit of joy and piety in serving The Lord, even in a little town full of naysayers and scoffers. If you’re looking for an exemplary role model for the young men in your family, look no further than Phil Tyler, save for Jesus Christ Himself: the true role model for manhood.

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