Lamplighter Theatre Season 2 (4 disc set) – CDs


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4 Dramatic Audio CDs included in this set: 

The Robbers’ Cave
The Boy of Mount Rhigi
The Wanderer
Buried in the Snow
  • Dramatic Audio CD - Robbers' Cave

    Ambushed! It all happened so quickly! Horace’s ankles are locked in chains, preventing him from rescuing his terrified mother as she is dragged away by their captors. She has only seven days to return with the answer that could save her son!

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  • Dramatic Audio CD - Boy of Mount Rhigi

    Clapham has an unusual father - a father who forces him to steal. He also has an uncommon friend named Harry, whose friendship meets the ultimate test when Clapham is forced to steal from Harry's family.

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  • Dramatic Audio CD - Wanderer, The

    In the desert sands of Africa, David Aspinall finds himself in the wastelands of greed. He had left his farm and family in search of adventure, but he never expected this!

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  • Dramatic Audio CD - Buried in the Snow

    A boy and his grandfather come face to face with their own mortality within a tomb of snow. Reliance upon God is their only option as escape is impossible. But the story does not hinge upon the question of their rescue; what captivates is . . .

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2 reviews for Lamplighter Theatre Season 2 (4 disc set) - CDs

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    We Love Lamplighter Audios Our family owns every single one of the Lamplighter Audio CDs and we absolutely love listening to them over and over again. They are great for children and adults. Our family listens to them on road trips and they keep everyone entertained while instilling great character. In a world where people call good bad and bad good, these stories come as a breath of fresh air.
    We LOVE them and cannot say enough good things about them. Thanks Lamplighter for a job well done!

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended!!! Our family recently purchased these CDs. We have now listened to eleven Lamplighter Theatre productions. We enjoy listening as a family the first time, then continue to enjoy them over and over again. These stories are captivating as well as spiritually challenging. We’re thankful for the morals and integrity conveyed throughout each story. We highly recommend this set as well as Season I.

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