Damaged Joel: A Boy of Galilee


See the miraculous events of Jesus, the Nazarene, through the eyes of an ordinary boy who lives among the ordinary fishermen of the day. Having been crippled by a bully, Joel wonders if he’ll ever walk again. The greater question, “Can the Healer of Nazareth heal his bitter heart?”

We can say with confidence that this book will draw you closer to the Savior. As Joel puts together the pieces, he realizes that the child, heralded by angels, proclaimed by a star, and worshipped by Magi, is the man who changed the water into wine – his friend of Nazareth and the babe of Bethlehem are the same! The thought that the chosen One could be a friend of his is too wonderful for him.

*Damage does not affect readability. Damage may include minor problems such as bent corners, faded covers, or an upside-down/double-stamped cover. These items are non-returnable after purchase.

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