Courage of Nikolai: A Story of Russia, The


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Life in Russia is tense – and dangerous – during the years before the Revolution. It is a rare thing indeed to find someone as trustworthy and courageous as young Collia in this world of undercover societies and secret police. Collia bravely wrestles with the ghastly feat that chills his heart, and at last there comes to him, in answer to his prayer for a help, a deepening calm as he gives himself up into wiser hands than those of any human protector. These sensational events are based on truth. Enjoy this exciting glimpse of live in pre-Revolutionary Russia.

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8 reviews for Courage of Nikolai: A Story of Russia, The

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Peculiar, But Not In A Bad Way There were parts of this book that I had a hard time believing–such as a person of the Prince’s status and position lacking security in his home and his willingness to confide confidential information to his messenger boy. The suspenseful moments in the book promised heightened tension but melted away far too quickly (the placard bit could have been so much more). Even the ending felt rushed. With that being said, what I did enjoy, at the expense of believability, was the relationship between the Prince and Nikolai. It portrayed the selfless love and devotion that we also see exhibited in Jonathan and David in the Bible. Indeed, if I take anything away from this book as a recommendation for others to read it would be that–a tutorial, so to speak, of one standing for one’s convictions in the face of worldly authority and how that is both honoring to God and man; to each their due.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing Book That Would Make An Amazing Audio Drama As a kid there were several Lamplighter books I read over and over, Joel, House of Love, and the Courage of Nickolai. When you started making audio dramas, the one book I’ve always wanted to see as an audio drama is the Courage of Nickolai. At 152 pages and with its rather…uncompelling title, it often gets overlooked. But words are hard to find to say how much I love this story. Set in politically turmoiled Russia, it has plenty of action, sleigh chases, wolf attacks, and a mysterious stranger left to freeze to death. The plot is balanced with so much heart and warmth. Trust, friendship, faithfulness, and God’s overshadowing love and care are all showcased in this small book. All that sandwiched between assassination plots and political intrigue! Nickolai is an insignificant person, like we often are, yet he, because of his steadfastness, loyalty and willingness to stand for what he believes, becomes usable to God and to the prince of Russia. In turn, the prince’s heart–which he’d long believed cold–begins to warm and trust.
    The book has so much heart and as a radio drama it would be far different that any Lamplighter has done yet. It’s based on a true story, so all the characters feel real and relatable, especially Nickolai and the prince. This small book–often hidden behind bestsellers like That Printer of Udell’s, The Hidden Hand and the Lamplighter–would make a unique, beautiful audio drama. Give it a chance?

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