Best For Boys & Girls Ages 9-14 2020 (13 titles)


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This collection will help youth make wise choices as they transition from early adolescence into young adulthood.

This set includes the following 13 titles:
  • Basket of Flowers, The

    Book of the Year 1996. This first book of the Lamplighter Rare Collector Series continues to be a best-seller. James, the king's gardener, teaches his 15-year-old daughter Mary all the principles of godliness through his flowers.

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  • Golden Thread, The

    In a kingdom near the treacherous Hemlock Forest, an evil king and his followers dwell. Only those who hold on to the golden thread can wander past the boundaries of the kingdom and return safely. It is a fearful thing to lose one’s way...

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  • Hand on the Bridle

    The allure of secret sin and the enticement of peer pressure had a strong hold on teens a century ago. Young Gavin knew it was time to venture out beyond his secure environment called home. His longing for independence has become a tainted mixture . . .

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  • Hedge of Thorns, The

    John must find out the secret that has been kept from him for so long—what is on the other side of the hedge? Desperate to break through, he devises a scheme, ignoring the impending danger.

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  • Little Lamb, The

    While gathering strawberries, ten-year old Christina finds a shivering lamb that has strayed from its home, and she delights in the thought of caring for it. When confronted with the decision to return it to its rightful owner, her honesty and . . .

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  • My Golden Ship

    We all know the gnawing feeling that rears its ugly head as envy. Christians are not exempt, as we see in the case of Charlie, who says, “But don't it seem hard that some folks should have everything, and the other folks nothin’?”

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  • Peep Behind the Scenes, A

    Behind many smiling faces hides a hurting heart, for there is often a high price to pay for what appears to be glamorous. In this compelling story, Mrs. Walton gives us a glimpse into the life of a disillusioned actress.

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  • Rising to the Top

    "There's two things as always come to the top; one's merit-t'other's scum. Which of them is to rise first, I can't tell, but neither will lie at the bottom long." You'll want to stand up for the honor of poor victimized Bob, but in the end you'll . . .

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  • Robbers' Cave, The

    Ambushed! It all happened so quickly! Horace’s ankles are locked in chains, preventing him from rescuing his terrified mother as she is dragged away by their captors. She has only seven days to return with the answer that could save her son!

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  • Rosa of Linden Castle

    When all the trappings of Rosa's life come crashing down around her, the virtues that had been taught to her by her godly parents provide her with direction and guidance even when they are no longer there to walk beside her through the darkened . . .

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  • Shipwrecked, But Not Lost

    Experience the utter fear of abandonment, the tension of frigid desolation, and the resolute determination to survive in Shipwrecked, But Not Lost. This breathtaking episode will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow the spectacular events . . .

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  • White Knights, The

    Horace, Percy, and Cyril are ordinary boys who love the stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Their discerning pastor starts a club for boys - The Order of the White Knights - challenging them to be chivalrous in their own . . .

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2 reviews for Best For Boys & Girls Ages 9-14 2020 (13 titles)

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Little Lamb Amazing book. My 9 year old was so fascinated by it. The Lord ‘s words are never in vain and they stick to our little minds.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing These stories are absolutely phenomenal. They teach good character, morals, values. The language used in these books is so rich. The Word of God is discussed beautifully throughout, making them a perfect fit for quality literature in your homes, to use in homeschooling, and for personal use. I highly recommend these books to any and everyone. If you’re unsure if you want to invest in these beauties, I’m telling you, they’re worth every cent.

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