Faith That Is My Own, A


Little Olive Stewart couldn’t be happier now that Mother is back from India. But her happiness is soon to be tested when a fire destroys their home and belongings. There she stands in the pouring rain, watching over her siblings while her mother and older brother try to salvage what they can from the smoldering debris. As a test of faith, Olive encounters her first great trial.

Yet it takes more than a single tragedy for Olive to trust in her mother’s Saviour. Mrs. Stewart’s greatest desire is for her children to possess a faith that is their own, but how does she ensure her children possess this faith? That is a prayer yet to be answered.

A few years later, Olive steps into a new stage of life. Leaving childhood behind, it is at boarding school that she quickly learns that her faith has been, up to this point, untested. With her beautiful journal, a gift given to her by her mother, she is encouraged to write about her experiences. Believing that there is nothing to write worth recording, Olive is surprised that every day is filled with new adventures, lessons, mishaps, revelations, and above all, a blossoming love for her Savior. Guided by her motto, “What Would Jesus Do,” Olive learns what it means to “count it all joy,” as her faith is tested.

This endearing story will draw you into the world of a little girl’s journey into womanhood, living out a faith that is her own.

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