The Painted Fly Package #3


The following titles are included in this package:
The Painted Fly
The Little Lamb
The Inheritance
The Basket of Flowers Dramatic Audio CD
The Unexpected Return Dramatic Audio CD

  • Dramatic Audio CD - Basket of Flowers, The

    The Basket of Flowers will bring to light the undeniable truth that God will never leave us nor forsake us.

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  • Dramatic Audio CD - Unexpected Return

    Forced from her home, Isabelle leaves all that she knows and loves in order to save her son. Meanwhile, in the bowels of a filthy prison, Jacques remains faithful to God in the face of certain death.

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  • Inheritance, The

    A faithful grandson seeks to find help for his blind grandfather. When the old man finally opens his eyes, he sees a painting on the wall before him and realizes that this is the very house where he buried a wealthy man's inheritance fifty years ago.

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  • Little Lamb, The

    While gathering strawberries, ten-year old Christina finds a shivering lamb that has strayed from its home, and she delights in the thought of caring for it. When confronted with the decision to return it to its rightful owner, her honesty and . . .

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  • Painted Fly, and Other Stories for the Young

    The Painted Fly is a love story—for both children and adults. It is a romantic tale of unquenchable love that leads the reader on a journey of surprise endings—or rather, surprise beginnings. . .

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