The Painted Fly Package #2


The following titles are included in this package:
The Painted Fly
The Birds Nest
Rosa of Linden Castle

  • Bird's Nest, The

    Strength of character lies in the determination to hold on to truth regardless of circumstances or consequences. The hero in this story proves that every seemingly insignificant deed is noticed by God.

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  • Painted Fly, and Other Stories for the Young

    The Painted Fly is a love story—for both children and adults. It is a romantic tale of unquenchable love that leads the reader on a journey of surprise endings—or rather, surprise beginnings. . .

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  • Rosa of Linden Castle

    When all the trappings of Rosa's life come crashing down around her, the virtues that had been taught to her by her godly parents provide her with direction and guidance even when they are no longer there to walk beside her through the darkened . . .

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