New Releases 2022 (11 titles)

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This set contains the following 11 titles released in 2022:
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As Many as Touch Him
Difficult Decision, A
Drawn Together Under Fire
Gardener’s Apprentice
Held Back (orig. Dr. Willy and the Fretful Squire)
Idols of the Heart
Least of These
Man of His Word, A
More Than Conqueror
Runaway Darling, The
Wonderful Door, The
  • As Many as Touch Him

    Ellen is eager to join her aunt in the city to learn to be a seamstress, but the reception awaiting her is far from what she envisioned.

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  • Difficult Decision, A: Two Tales for the Young

    An important letter—a matter of life or death—is entrusted to his care, and he’s determined to carry out his mission. Little does he know what will be required of him!

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  • Drawn Together Under Fire

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  • Gardener's Apprentice, The

    This short story is a powerful demonstration of determination, loyalty, and trust in a sovereign God.

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  • Held Back

    (Formerly: Dr. Willy and the Fretful Squire) When health and wealth are both lost, an act of honesty and integrity brings about an unexpected turn of events where truth is found.

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  • Idols of the Heart

    Her blunders and inexperience with an affluent lifestyle bring unfamiliar anxiety to Clemence. How will she cope with the escalating tension, the maddening hypocrisy she faces every day?

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  • Least of These, The

    In this brilliant little story filled irony and intrigue...

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  • Man of His Word and Other Tales, A

    Standing up boldly for the faith that she calls her own, Easter is disowned by her father in a single, heart breaking moment. ..

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  • More Than Conqueror

    He had always been a bully at school. In fact, he rather prided himself on it...

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  • Runaway Darling, The

    Naughty, stubborn, and filled with mischief is our darling runaway. Meet Judy...

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  • Wonderful Door, The

    For those of us looking for encouragement in this pilgrim’s path, or those who are still at the door knocking, waiting to come in…this is a story of God’s great love!

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