Lost Clue


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In this intriguing mystery, Captain Fortesque finds himself torn between two loyalties. He enjoys acceptance in high society, but keeps his true upbringing a secret. Then the day comes that changes the course of his life. It all starts with a mysterious note to be read only after his father’s death. How can he endure the challenges he will now face?
Through unexpected circumstances Captain Fortesque finds his world strangely intertwined with Marjorie’s, as together they uncover the mystery of the lost clue.

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20 reviews for Lost Clue

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend!! The Lost Clue is simply breathtaking. Once you start, you will find yourself submerged in the world of the Captain. When you meet Marjorie, the book increases in its wonderfully gripping plot. This is one story that doesn’t get boring!
    When The Lost Clue comes to a close, you may be slightly saddened (due to the fact that the book has ended), but, you will find encouragement…the Lord works out every part of your life…even when it seems impossible.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    We Liked This One! We all enjoyed this book. A little bit of mystery and the lead characters were good examples of keeping a good attitude and trusting God through challenging circumstances.

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Great Story! This book is filled with wonderful characters! I was inspired by the beautiful way that Christian qualities are depicted throughout the story. The Gospel is clearly presented in many different scenes. A very enjoyable read!

  4. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Lost Clue, and just finished reading it for the second time in less than a year! The story loses no time in going from one adventure to the next, and there’s an element of mystery which I found exciting. The plot is also very good. I highly recommend this book!

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended!!! We had this book several years ago, and loved it! It is an amazing story that the whole family can enjoy. We gave our old book to a sick neighbor several years back and we really missed it, so I just bought another one for my sister’s birthday who really loves Lamplighter books! It is one of my favorite stories and I highly recommend it.

  6. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Lost Clue – Great Book! The Lost Clue is a very intriguing mystery about a young man who’s father passes away and leaves a very important message in a letter that goes missing. We thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had a great plot and exemplary characters. We highly recommend this book.

  7. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended!!!! I absolutely loved this book and could hardly put it down! It had an intriguing plot that kept me on the edge of my seat, and wonderful characters! Two thumbs up!

  8. anonymous (verified owner)

    Hoping For More, I Guess I have a problem hyping books (and movies, and donuts) so much that it’s virtually impossible for them to live up to my expectations. That said, the elements within this book that left me wanting more had to do with the highly-touted “mystery” story line. Maybe I’ve read too many Sherlock Holmes stories to desire some sort of struggle on the page between our protagonist and the villain–there was hardly any, and none at some of the more crucial points in the plot (nearing the end, the resolution). In fact, even the momentary roadblock in the Captain’s pursuit with his father was tidied up in a page or two. That’s not even mentioning the anticipated friction that hardly materializes with his circle of high society acquaintances once he loses his money. With that said, and although I didn’t like the detour with Marjorie’s story line, her character was something to behold. Her systematic sprucing up of several houses and lives within the book was super-heroic. Again, although I wanted to stick with the Captain’s POV, I did like Marjorie’s eyes in contrasting her upbringing with the places God was using her; truly her beautiful soul was able to find beauty amidst soot and ash because she accurately saw herself before her God both in and out of Christ. Overall, I do appreciate Lamplighter’s commitment to producing these quality works and dramas that I can feel good reading and sharing with my family and friends–even if I over-hyped them in my mind beforehand. 🙂

  9. anonymous (verified owner)

    An Adventure of Dedication and Commitment A wonderful story to foster a character of dedication and commitment found in doing one’s work as though working for God. Yes.

  10. anonymous (verified owner)

    Loved It Great book! I loved the main characters. Marjorie, although she is fictional, is someone who I want to be like. Throughout the book there are important Christian themes. Although the book is not an entire mystery, an unsolved question nags at the main character and when the secret comes out, it is so interesting. I enjoyed this book very much and I highly recommend it.

  11. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent Read After reading Ishmael and Self Raised, I asked for a recommendation of a similar book. This one was recommended. It was great! It did not take long to read because like the other two, I could hardly put it down. It’s a great story of doing the right thing even when you must personally sacrifice to do it. Great ending too!

  12. anonymous (verified owner)

    Encouragement to Do Your Best for Him I liked this book because it really is about determination in making the best of the situation you’re in no matter how dreary the circumstance. Both of the main characters were forced into less-than-ideal positions, but God works in their hearts and rewards them for their faithfulness. Intriguing. I may read it aloud to my children (18, 12 & 10) or just let them each enjoy it on their own… Either way!

  13. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful book! I loved how the author cultivated a strong line of morality and encouraged the reader to view kindness,cheerfulness, unselfishness, etc. in a positive light. It had a very pleasant twist that I didn’t see coming, which one can always enjoy. Overall I would highly recommend “The Lost Clue” to anyone, and the recommended age given for it I felt was also appropriate. I was Very pleased with my purchase and grateful to have such a safe book resource as Lamplighter. Thank you!

  14. anonymous (verified owner)

    Enjoyable and Well Written I love a good mystery, and this is excellent. There are two heroes in this story, a man and a woman, each of impeccable, uncompromising character. Extremely well written, the book takes a few twists and seems to get off track here and there. It isn’t until close to the end that you see how it all comes together and intertwines. A quick read because I couldn’t stop.

  15. anonymous (verified owner)

    Worth Buying It wasn’t exciting or eventful but I really enjoyed this book. It taught good morals and had a meaningful story. I am happy with my purchase.

  16. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent Ordered this as a Christmas present for my brother’s fiancee – wonderful choice. We’d all read the story previously (and absolutely LOVED it – highly recommend reading it – and wanted to share it with her). But the book is absolutely beautiful, very high quality, and it was so nicely wrapped and shipped, we just put wrapping paper around the box and gave it to her that way! Can’t recommend enough.

  17. anonymous (verified owner)

    Very Enjoyable I enjoyed this book and how the characters learned to deal with disappointing circumstances in their life.

  18. anonymous (verified owner)

    A Gripping Story This was a most intriguing mystery to read, and one that would do many people a great deal of good. The many lessons contained in the book were taught so very gently that they seemed to hardly be there, until you took a closer look and compared your life with the lives of these characters.

  19. anonymous (verified owner)

    The Lost Clue The plot was well written and in the end taught some good moral principles.

  20. anonymous (verified owner)

    A Fine Mystery… This book is a well-written mystery novel. Excellent story!

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