Clean Your Boots, Sir?


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How often does God use tragic and painful circumstances to mold, test, and direct believers to fashion more effective tools for His work? Robert Rightheart has to face testing at every turn of his life, but the testimony of his life reveals how enduring trials yields maturity. As a young boot black, is he willing to surrender what he wants for what he knows is right? As a young man, is he prepared to stand resolute with a heart of grace in defense of his character? As Robert’s character is scrutinized from a distance, you will start to wonder how your own character would fare under the same scrutiny.

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9 reviews for Clean Your Boots, Sir?

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Did Not Like I love Lamplighter Publishing, but I have to be honest about the content of this book. The book itself was not very well written (too much narrative, and not enough conversation). It seemed to put an emphasis on wealth and riches, and it did not condemn abandonment of family members. I like the main point that the author was trying to give, but I think they did a bad job portraying the point. I feel it is right to give an honest review. I have nothing against Lamplighter Publishing for this book, they do an amazing job.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Learn Your Boots, Sir? I love everything about this book. I read it to my 8 year old son. We had to pause every so often (because sometimes the language they used back when it was written is different than we speak today) and explain to him what they were saying, but more pauses came from re-reading the large nuggets of gold strewn throughout. This is wisdom literature through and through, and I loved the lessons it teaches while you are being entertained with the story. It sparked some fantastic conversations with my son that I’m happy we were able to have.

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