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Here is a collection of Lamplighter stories that contain a nautical theme, featuring pirates, ships, fishing villages, sailing, and sea voyages. As you enjoy these great tales of adventure always remember “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” 

The following titles are included in this package:

Shipwrecked, But Not Lost
Launch the Lifeboat – Illustrated
My Golden Ship
Saved at Sea
Stick to the Raft
  • Shipwrecked, But Not Lost

    Experience the utter fear of abandonment, the tension of frigid desolation, and the resolute determination to survive in Shipwrecked, But Not Lost. This breathtaking episode will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow the spectacular events . . .

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  • Stick to the Raft

    Fifteen-year-old Hans Richter travels far from home to find work in the locks of a river. His father had taught him that there is a Raft that will support him in the deepest waters and amid the fiercest storms. When Hans becomes the target among . . .

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  • Illustrated Launch the Lifeboat

    In this captivating tale you’ll find yourself caught up on the stormy sea with an old fisherman as he tells the story of a dreadful night that a ship was ripped apart by relentless waves.

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  • Saved at Sea

    On the lonely island the lighthouse stands, warning of impending danger and providing light for seafarers in the frightening, turbulent seas. Old Sandy Fergusson and his grandson Alick keep watch, giving all diligence to the smallest detail.

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  • My Golden Ship

    We all know the gnawing feeling that rears its ugly head as envy. Christians are not exempt, as we see in the case of Charlie, who says, “But don't it seem hard that some folks should have everything, and the other folks nothin’?”

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