Making of a Hero, The


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Charming, handsome, and popular, Horace Wheeler seems to have it all; yet, his life grows emptier by the day. As he fritters away the years with girls and galas, little does he realize that the world and all its pleasures are drowning out his true calling—and the loving counsel of his beloved mentor, Aunt Jane.

To love God and to love a pure and true woman…this was Aunt Jane’s exhortation to her young protégé. She loved him as her own son, but her constant prayers seemed to no avail. He loved her as his own mother—but she had the nasty habit of reading his mind, and her keen eyes always had a knack for revealing his vices and lack of virtue (especially in his choice of girls).

But the prayer of a righteous man avails much, and the love of God is much greater than the strongholds of Satan. Through great tragedy and triumph, Horace is brought once more to the throne of grace—but this time, he accepts the free gift of a loving Savior. The heart that was once hidden away under the waistcoat of youthful lusts and worldly passions is now throbbing with new life and new purpose!

Horace has finally responded to this first plea of his mentor—to love God.  Now for his next great battle, to love a pure and true woman…will Horace ever find her?

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1 review for Making of a Hero, The

  1. Megan Adams (verified owner)

    I just finished reading this book yesterday. I had no trouble getting into it, and had a hard time putting it down. I found myself scolded Horace one minute, and pitying him the next. This book is very thought provoking, but it has its humorous moments. I like the way that the story continues and doesn’t leave the newlywed couple riding off in the sunset to live happily ever after.
    It is a great story with great values- highly recommended!

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