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The Strong-Willed Child PARENT!
“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Our children need to hear the beating of our hearts rather than the beating of our voices. Join Mark as he relates his experiences as a shepherd and shares an important lesson that becoming a shepherd involves more than simply owning sheep.

Life-Transforming Literature
It has been said that you will be the same five years from now as you are today, except for the people you meet and the books you read! Until the age of 22, even while administering a Christian school, Mark Hamby had never read a book. In fact, he despised reading. Yet God had a plan for his life; Mark began to fill his empty vessel with truths from some of the most unique literature ever written. You will you laugh and cry as he passionately shares how literature transformed his life.

The Angry Parent, Child, and Teen
This inspiring and challenging session will focus on anger, its root causes, and its cures. Mark Hamby believes that childhood and teenage anger is usually the result of four root causes: fear, frustration, hurt, and selfishness. Through laughter, tears, and much soul – searching, parents learn to recognize these root causes and deal with them appropriately. Watch and be amazed as your children and teens respond.

Resolved Conflicts and Restored Relationships
Join us as we study the conflicts and restoration of an Old Testament family and the significant lesson that changed a man, a family, and an entire nation! Based on the insecurities of Jacob, his rival relationship with his brother, and the lack of relationship between his mother and father, the stage is set for a life of deception – particularly self – deception. Parents will come face – to – face with hidden fears that have blinded and shackled them. Receive and then give the most important gift your child needs.

Let God’s Creatures Be the Teachers
“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His hand at work.” Join Mark as he presents God’s animal kingdom through the lens of well – known scriptures and wonderfully unique – and amusing – shepherding experiences. Discover how God’s creatures become the teachers! Be inspired, refreshed, and encouraged to glorify God by enjoying Him!

Image is Everything
Children learn more from our walk than our words. Why, then, is there so little emphasis on modeling and an over – emphasis on instruction? Reconsider the essential ministry of image bearing, where a husband dwells with his wife according to knowledge, loving her as Christ loved the Church, and she is that woman in whom he safely trusts. Model biblical manhood and biblical womanhood and lay a foundation that will lead a child toward a purposeful and satisfied life.


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