Illustrated Teddy’s Button


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Abridged Version by Mark Hamby; Illustrated by Jennifer L. Hamby


“There were guns blazing, shells flying, and swords flashing and hacking away!” Teddy recounts the bravery of his father’s heroic deed. But rivalry between a soldier’s son and a sailor’s daughter drives Teddy to his breaking point until he learns of a new battle, a new enemy, and a new Captain, whose orders are to fight all battles with the banner of love! We are delighted to bring you one of our most treasured stories of all time and an instant classic in the Lamplighter Collection—Teddy’s Button.

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14 reviews for Illustrated Teddy's Button

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended! My son and I loved this book. It had such wonderful truth from God’s word to help the characters thru their everyday struggles. Highly recommended!

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful Preschool children are loving this book as a read-aloud.

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the Story! Love the Graphics! This wonderful shorter version is perfect for the younger kids! The graphics are so friendly and engaging! After reading the book, the kids will want to try their hand at the sketches at the front and back of the book! It’s a literature lesson AND art lesson in one! Thank you SO much!

  4. anonymous (verified owner)

    Illustrated Teddy’s Button Amazing book! I really enjoyed reading it and the illustrations were great.

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    Teddy’s Button This story brings the gospel to my seven year old son in a way that he understands. His warrior spirit is awakened.

  6. anonymous (verified owner)

    Illustrated Version NOT Short On Content I shared a common concern many parents do that we would be discounting our story experience with an illustrated version. My 8 year old son needs work on reading comprehension and having him read aloud to me is a lens in. The emotions and thoughts of the characters as they sojourn through life’s lessons are plushly illustrated, including captivating drop caps. The number of pages is long enough to make a great story, but not too long to be intimidating. I love multitasking and my son also needs exposure to good moral teachings through engaging ways. My son’s uptake on this book has made me feel our time together has really counted.

  7. anonymous (verified owner)

    People Should Read It!!! The story was funny!!! I kind of liked Teddy. Nancy was my favorite because in the end she turns good. It’s the best children’s book ever. I love the illustrations. My favorite picture is the one where the mom flows out on the page.

  8. anonymous (verified owner)

    Engaging This is a great illustrated version of an awesome Lamplighter book. The illustrations are beautiful and engage the reader. But know that although abbreviated there is a lot of text here. It grabbed my children and both went off and found a name for their enemy :-). Great message!!!

  9. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended It is a beautifully illustrated book that we look forward to reading with our son.

  10. anonymous (verified owner)

    As Good as the Dramatized Story! We recently purchased this book as a Christmas gift, for one of our young relatives. He recently turned 6. I have the dramatized version of Teddy’s Button, and this book with its compelling illustrations is just as good as the story. Now that I have seen both, I can hear the dramatized version in my head, as I read the book. Looking forward to giving this as a gift!

  11. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent Read! Beautifully illustrated book. Excellent read – family loved it!

  12. anonymous (verified owner)

    Best Book For Kids! I’ve loved this book for years- used to read it to my fourth grade class every year. I have recently purchased it for two family friends for their boys, in the picture-version and am greatly impressed by it! A book that can change lives!

  13. anonymous (verified owner)

    Treasure for Young and Old! What a treasure this book is, for both young and old! The lesson of running under the banner of love challenged MY faith as well as my husband and I read it to our kids. Not to mention, the illustrations by Jennifer Brandon are delightful and capture Teddy’s adventurous, winsome spirit so well! Thank you, Lamplighter!

  14. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent A lovely story that is very relatable for young children. The illustrations are very well done. The story about joining God’s army is very good.

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