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Back in print by popular demand, this intriguing allegorical children's classic takes place in the enchanted city where you will enjoy the wonderful experience of God's great deliverance. I would place this treasure on an equal with The Chronicles of Narnia and Pilgrim's Progress.

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8 reviews for Illustrated Tales of the Kingdom

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Powerful I really cannot recommend this book strongly enough. It was an optional read-aloud for school in our homeschooling curriculum this year. I’m not sure how many times I cried, was convicted, or felt my heart swell with love for the powerful King (God) represented in this beautiful allegory. Please read this with your family!

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Fantastic Allegorical Story This is such an incredible story. I’m currently reading it aloud to my children and I can’t bear to leave it at the end of a chapter! It’s inspiring, challenging and calling out character traits in my children in a way that only Lamplighter Theatre has managed to achieve for us in the past. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in this series!

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    All I needed to know about Christianity, I learned here I’ve loved this book for years since I first received it as a baptism gift at seven years of age when my father began to read it to me. It’s a marvelous tale which is part Aesop’s Fables, part European faerie-tale, and part urban drama. It portrays the deep truths and doctrines of the faith while also realistically depicting the psychological difficulties of what coming to faith and what living by (or not living by) faith is like. You’ll find allusions to idolatry, spiritual gifts, church body life, repentence, redemption, reconciliation, adoption and more within its pages. The characters are very familiar yet complex. It is a fabulous read, again and again, and a wonderful foundation to help a child understand Christianity more clearly in an imaginative incarnation. Lest I praise the text too much at the expense of the visual art, Jack Stockton’s illustrations are also marvelous, whimsical, and compelling.

  4. anonymous (verified owner)

    Tales of the Kingdom Awesome allegory! I read it with my homeschooled (adopted) teenage son after he finished his other school work and it was like “desert” for both of us. I couldn’t wait to read more. The following two sequels are a must. I am an educational therapist and I often give this book to my students as gifts at Christmas time.

  5. anonymous (verified owner)

    One of the Best From Lamplighter A friend lent the first two books of this trilogy to me a few years ago. She had told me that it was a bit juvenile, but an excellent story, and that I should go into it with an open mind. I did, and was quite surprised at how good it actually was. I returned the two books to her, neither of us knowing that there was a third (or maybe there wasn’t a third at that point, I don’t know).
    A few weeks ago, another friend mentioned this series. I couldn’t remember the name of the series, and didn’t realize that this was the same that I had read a few years before, so I just said that I’d look into it. They told me that Lamplighter published it. I thought, “Perfect! I’m a member of the myLamplighter Book and Audio Club! I’ll just request it as my book for next month.”
    It came, and I opened the box, excited as I always am (I am very much a bookworm). Only when I saw the cover did I realize that this was the first of the series that I had read years ago. After that, I was even more excited to read it. Because, as C.S. Lewis said, “If a book is worth reading once, it is worth reading again and again.”
    Yes, the aim of the story is towards children, but the reader, no matter what age, can learn much from it.
    Now, I’m beginning to read it to my nieces and nephews, whom I babysit quite often. They love the exquisite illustrations. They love the story of Hero and his brother. They love Caretaker and his wife, Mercie. But most of all, they love the King, who makes all things new.
    This is definitely an excellent book for family reading! And don’t forget the two sequels!

  6. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended Over time I have owned several copies of the David and Karen Mains’ trilogy, Tales of the Kingdom, Resistance, and Restoration. Frequently after presentations on reading Children’s Literature I am ask by teachers and parents where they can obtain these books. For sometime they were rare to come by. They worth every penny that they cost. Don’t past up the opportunity to secure a copy of each of these books.

  7. anonymous (verified owner)

    1st Book in Tales of the Kingdom I’m a homeschooling mom of four and bought this for my kids ages 6 and under and my six year old is just old enough to follow along. After reading the first 2 chapters with him, I’m going to save it for another year. So far I really love the story and can’t wait to finish reading it!

  8. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended We are reading this as a bedtime story to our young son. It is very captivating. I started reading it myself the first day we got it and it was hard to put it down. We look forward to finding out what happens in the rest of the book.

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