Dear Olive


If you are new to Lamplighter or one of the “Company of the Committed” readers, please be advised that Amy Le Feuvre has once again crafted a work that will hide biblical truth into your mind, your heart, and finally, your soul.

Marmaduke Crofton’s parting words keep ringing in Olive’s ears, “A happy life is when the inner life is adjusted so satisfactorily that it gives one no trouble.” What could this mean?

When war, loss, and internal conflicts threaten to destroy her happy life, Olive realizes she has no sure foundation to face each storm. Everything seems to be going wrong. But through an unexpected turn of events, she finds that there is One on whom she can build her life.

As new hope dawns, new trials surface. Letters sent and received carry messages of love, secrets to be uncovered, and life-altering news, and Olive must learn to rest secure in the hope that is in Jesus Christ alone.

Enjoy the journey with our celebrated author, Amy Le Feuvre.

Publisher’s Note: 

Lamplighter books are spiritually beneficial for readers of all ages. But there are times when a book such as Dear Olive is more suitable for older readers, as themes such as courtship and marriage are designed for more mature readers and listeners. We encourage parents to make a discerning decision.

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