Damaged Fireside Readings Volume 1



Fireside Readings (Vol. I)

Author: Various Authors
Pages: 157
Best for: Boys and Girls, Late Elementary – Junior High
Fireside Readings is part of Rare Collector Set 8.

Lamplighter’s collection of fireside readings gently instills virtuous qualities such as honesty, integrity, loyalty, courage and perseverance into the very fabric of our lives. Through unforgettable events, common, everyday boys and girls become heroes as they overcome temptation and courageously fight the adversary. Our children will want to be more like them—in fact, they will long to be. Stories include “Robert’s Trust,” “Jack’s Hymn” and “Eric’s Good News.”


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*Damage does not affect readability. Damage may include minor problems such as bent corners, faded covers, or an upside-down/double-stamped cover. These items are non-returnable after purchase.

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