Come What May


Stephen Barton and Frank Elston couldn’t be more different. Like his mother, Stephen is ruled by jealousy and tries to be impressive at Frank’s expense. Frank tries to see the good in others even when it’s to his disadvantage. Though poor, his parents’ influence is evident as Frank Elston becomes highly respected in the community through his hard work and honest dealings.

Frank and Stephen share a singular pursuit—to win the hand of Ruth Chester in marriage. Coming from a life of wealth and ease, which will bear the greatest weight, fortune or character?

Stephen’s scheme is designed to destroy Frank, and just when you think Frank will be rescued from his plight, the author weaves a tale so unexpected that you’ll want to shout out that Frank is not guilty!

You’ll be on the edge of your seat until the very end, as Proverbs 1 is acted out through heart-wrenching decisions. I caution you to suspend judgment until the very end, for everything isn’t always as it seems

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