Battle, The


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Through circumstances beyond their control, the Roby family find themselves separated, left to fend for themselves through unforeseen trials. Will they skillfully wield the sword as they have been taught? Jostled in the rough thoroughfare of the world, Aleck is forced to obey promptly, act decidedly, and expose himself fearlessly and freely. What he needs most is a quick hand, a ready eye, and a gallant heart! Just as the thunderous waves threaten to swallow him up, he sees a life-boat in the midst of the storm! Sequel to The Giant Killer, this story unveils the obstacles we face each day, both from within and without, and challenges us in the midst of the battle to think of the victory--and consider the crown!

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7 reviews for Battle, The

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Must Read! This is the continued story of the Robys and the Probyns from The Giant Killer. As expected, this book was engaging, challenging and convicting. Whenever I read a Lamplighter book, I always receive spiritual nourishment.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommended I gave this book as a gift. Read mine and am so grateful for the victory over poor character that I gave it to a 13 yr old as a sequel to the Giant Killer. Keep the good books coming!

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