Script: Unexpected Return, The


A family is torn apart as revolution rages through the streets of France. Lady Isabelle and her son Charles flee for their lives, being pursued by the same French rebels who wrongfully imprisoned her husband Jacques. Forced from her home, Isabelle leaves all that she knows and loves in order to save her son. Meanwhile, in the bowels of a filthy prison, Jacques remains faithful to God in the face of certain death. Will Jacques and his family be delivered from the hands of evil?

There is a $75.00 base royalty fee for this script. Additionally, there is a $7.00 licensing fee required for each actor. Orders for this product default to the $75.00 royalty fee and 1 actor fee for a minimum total of $82.00. Once the checkout process is complete you will receive a link to download the script. You will only receive one copy of this script in digital format, once you have filled out and returned the application form along with appropriate additional script fees, you may copy and distribute the script among the actors.

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