Pillar of Fire, The


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The Pillar of Fire vividly portrays the magnificent Egyptian
culture in all of its wealth, luxury, and religiosity. Yet
amidst this majestic empire, powerful enough to combat the
combined world with its superior intelligence and impressive
might, lurks a spiritual barrenness, a starving for truth and
inner peace. The descriptive style of writing that Rev. J.
H. Ingraham so uniquely possesses brings full color and
inspiration to every page. Through letters to his beloved
mother, the Prince of Tyre personally describes Egypt’s
idolatrous religion and cruel dominion over the Hebrew
people, bringing the suspenseful and spectacular events of
the Old Testament to life. 


The Pillar of Fire was the 3rd most popular book read in America the day after the Civil War.

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2 reviews for Pillar of Fire, The

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing I’m only part way through, but this book brings you right along side the people of Egypt and the captive Hebrews. It makes everything come alive! A wonderful book to read while all cozy by the fire drinking a cup of tea.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Unexpected I finished the book a couple of days ago. It’s one of those reads that doesn’t quite let you go when you are finished. Each chapter is a first person letter: a unique style. The historical facts on Egypt were described in living color. The fictionalized, extra Biblical description of the life of Moses was refreshingly different from the Hollywood, Charlton Heston version. A couple of times I went to my Bible with the question, ‘could it have happened like this? ” I am still tossing it around in my head, because yes it could have happened this way. I think it deserves a second read. A tremendous accompaniment to a study of Ancient Egypt or the OT book of Exodus.

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