Little Miss Moth


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Three joyful sisters move to the country,
where they can climb apple trees, get lost
in the woods, and find adventures! Charity
is most talkative, Hope is full of questions,
and Faith is the quiet, dreamy one.

Adventures begin with Charlie and his
raft, and their voyage is enhanced by their
limitless imagination. Pirates and hidden
treasure fill their day. But Faith’s treasure
is found in her friendship with Timothy and
thundering old Mr. Cardwell, who calls her
Miss Moth. She comforts him with words of
the Comforter.

A delightful story in the well-loved style of
Amy Le Feuvre, with plenty of discovery,
learning, and fun! 


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3 reviews for Little Miss Moth

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend This Book I sat down one evening after a stressful day to start this book. It was so good, that I could not stop, so I read it through before I would go to bed. So refreshing, uplifting and inspiring to read. Thank you for all your wonderful books and I have a whole bunch of them from over the years purchases. Worth reading, every one of them..

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    One of My Favorite Lamplighter Books Some of my favorite Lamplighter books are by Amy Le Feuvre. Her books flow well, have charming characters (flaws and all). Her books make you smile and bring tears. Most of all, she shows how God’s word in the hearts of believers changes lives. Little Miss Moth is a very touching book. I recommend this book to anyone who has ever been sad or unhappy. Little Miss Moth, with her childlike Faith, could offer some assistance. Indeed, if everyone had the faith of Little Miss Moth, there would be no unhappy people in this world. I will keep this book aside to read whenever I am sad or unhappy in the future. This is a great book for girls, boys and adults.

  3. anonymous (verified owner)

    Beautiful Story I’ve never read an Amy Le Feuvre book that was not a blessing to me in some way, and this one was no exception. The timing seemed perfect for me, as I have been having a lot of complications with the disease I struggle with, and Faith’s constant emphasis on the Comforter was so precious to me.
    As always, the author uses a fun and engaging story line to illustrate the truth of her theme verse. Another stellar little story filled with big truths. Great for both kids and adults.

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