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Relief or Cure?
Too often today, we will do almost anything to escape the pain of broken relationships, marital strife, a difficult child, a character weakness, or a hidden sin. However, finding relief from sin, instead of obtaining cleansing is a cruel trap. Relief from sin allows me to be comfortably separated from God. Peace does not come in capsules! Join Mark as he explores the concept of walking in “light’ which restores fellowship with one another and purifies the soul. The decision is up to you: continue to live behind the mask of heartache or come into the light where Christ will set you free.

Removing the Mountains of Offense & The Withered Fig Tree
Offenses are here to stay, and how we respond to them is what determines whether we will become a slave to their affects or learn to turn a curse into a blessing.

Set Your House in Order
A study of Hezekiah through Jehoiachin, II Kings, II Chronicles, Jeremiah 22 & 52, and Matthew 1. This is a study on passing down family values, mentoring, and redemption from past mistakes.

Jonah and the Cows
The book of Jonah is not about Jonah and the whale, but Jonah and the cows. Discover the root causes of anger and depression, and why life can lose its flavor. Once you “udderstand” why the cows were crying, you will never again need to face the drowning waters of despair.

Four Styles of Parenting (and Four Types of Foolishness in Children)
An in – depth look at four parenting styles: Dictatorial, Detached, Enmeshed, and Indulgent, will reveal some of the root causes of childhood apathy, depression and rebellion. This insightful session will help parents see the effects of their particular style of parenting, and how it may be cultivating four types of foolishness in children. Teens will also benefit from these insights as they learn that their parent’s failures are not an excuse for irresponsible behavior. Biblical and present – day examples of each of these styles will be illustrated, and the consequences and steps needed to break these patterns of harmful behavior will be addressed.

Character to the Core
Focusing on a child’s outward behavior and disciplining for the purpose of modifying a child’s actions will lead to hypocrisy and distort reality. Wise parents and teachers will learn to build character through the cultivation of biblical values and virtues. Through the seminar, gain greater confidence in preparing children for a purposeful, skillful, and worthy life.


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