It’s All Real True


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This riveting story presents Molly, a young hunchback girl who finds fulfillment in the love of the Shepherd. But the words of others plant seeds of doubt in her heart, paralyzing her growth and robbing her of joy. Yet through life’s adversity, Molly proves to be courageous, setting aside her own safety in order to rescue her pleasure-seeking sister. Many important themes are explored in this touching story, including love, sacrifice, faith and hope.

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2 reviews for It's All Real True

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    An easy read that will challenge your heart A little mystery mixed with a lot of conviction for this reader.

    I was challenged by Mollys willingness to sacrifice.

    I was forced to think through the idea of wise and foolish counselors. What kind of counselor am I and what kind of counsel do I seek.

    I believe we are made in the likeness of God and each one is special, but is that how I come across to the little Molly’s in my life?

    A great read aloud for the entire family!

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Another Fine 19th Century London Story This story displays the excellence of virtues such as faithfulness, humility, and selflessness. Little Molly, born with a deformity, does not fret against her condition but does all she is able to do to help her dying father and then her sister Kathleen. Kathleen, in contrast, is set to reap the bitter fruit that pride in her own beauty has sown. A heartwarming and beautiful book.

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