Glenda’s Story: Led by Grace


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Unwanted from birth and abused throughout her childhood, Glenda was desperate for love and a sense of belonging. Her only respite from her home life was school and the welcoming shade of a willow tree, under which she would lie and dream of another life, another family, and pray to the God she did not know yet. Ultimately, Glenda’s afflictions became the cord with which God drew her to Himself. Receiving His salvation, she understood that God had saved her from her own sinfulness as much as He had saved her from her horrid conditions. This story of hope is an amazing account of our merciful Savior, who brings light out of darkness, joy out of sorrow and peace out of pain.

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2 reviews for Glenda's Story: Led by Grace

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing story Words cannot describe the profound blessing this book was and is to me. I will forever remember this beautiful story of God’s redemption of a life and giving her beauty for ashes….. I wept profusely through reading it, and prayed God would give me such a beautiful love for Him like Glenda has. This is a MUST READ, especially for those who have suffered physical or sexual abuse in their past.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    Glenda’s Story I read this book years ago, and it is a very valuable testimony of Glenda, whose life’s path was orchestrated by God, despite the severe adversitie. How Elizabeth Elliot became her spiritual mother. Elizabeth Elliot has influenced my Christian walk. I read her books, listened to her tapes as a young person. I am now a senior, in a senior’s residence- on lockdown, and so I wanted to reread her story. It would be interesting to hear how she and her family are doing now. I see she has written a book called a mother’s heart- so she has gone from rags to riches spiritually! Praise the Lord!

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