Damaged Illustrated Trusty Tried & True


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Trusty: Tried and True
Authors: Mark & Deborah Hamby
Illustred by Jennifer L. Hamby
Pages: 32

Trusty: Tried and True is part
of the Children’s

Mom and Dad, written in the style of Dr. Seuss,
this adorable adventure is bursting with colorful imagery to heighten a child’s
imagination and stir creativity. Your children will learn much about selfishness,
pride, and vanity through the characters of Brawny, Smarty, and Beauty. But
most importantly, they will want to be more like Trusty, our hero, who is so
eager to help. With self-sacrifice and courage, Trusty is willing to try. You
can be sure you’ll soon know this story by heart, for it will undoubtedly
become a family favorite—to be read over and over and overagain!

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1 review for Damaged Illustrated Trusty Tried & True

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Love It My son, who is developmentally disabled, loves the Trusty books. He loves the pictures and the rhythm and rhyme that keeps the story flowing nicely. This particular one is very similar to the Little Engine That Could, but with a Christian bent, which I really like. It is teaching him good character through books he enjoys.

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