Damaged Illustrated Silver Cup


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Original Story by J.B.E., 1849. Retold by Mark Hamby & Kari Keener.
Illustrated by Lorraine Larsen.

Meet Ema, a good little girl, who obeys her parents happily. One day, Emma’s devotion to obey is overcome by selfish desires and she makes one wrong choice. This one sin opens the door to another and before little Emma realizes it, she is hiding one wrong decision after another.

As we quickly realize in life, our sin does not just hurt ourselves, but everyone around–especially those we love. What will it take for Emma to confess? No matter your age, this beautiful story, The Silver Cup, Illustrated, will leave you encouraged to make godly choices, confess your sin quickly, and keep short sin accounts. See what it takes for Emma to learn her lesson and restore the relationships around her.


“A cup of sweet water could never spill a drop of bitter water, no matter how heavily it was jolted.”

-Amy Carmichael


*Damage does not affect readability. Damage may include minor problems such as bent corners, faded covers, or an upside-down/double-stamped cover. These items are non-returnable after purchase.

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1 review for Damaged Illustrated Silver Cup

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Thought Provoking and Engaging Both my 6yr old daughter and 8 yr old son loved this book. I was surprised at how thought provoking it was for each of them. It really helped them understand that a lie can have consequences that affect not only themselves but many around them. A true gem teaching virtue’s of honesty, redemption and grace.

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