Damaged From Press to Pulpit (originally Enoch Roden’s Training)


Dear Lamplighter Friends,

The spiritual truths permeated throughout this wonderful book are penetrating and unforgettable. The following examples speak for themselves:

We are of more value than many sparrows, and though there are such millions and millions of them in the world, God remembers every one and he feeds them and takes care of them, though they are such quarrelsome little birds. God will much more take care of us.

It seems to me as if God must care to do little things for us; to be sure, most of our lives depend upon little things.

Faith that can move mountains, when mixed with idleness in business, is no proof of trust in God. Let us not expect that we will inherit the promises that pertain to this life if we do not keep the rules laid down for us for our conduct in business.

But when we trust in our own strength—which, in truth, is not our own—we enjoy none of the comfort and gladness which would have filled our hearts had we understood that through us, our heavenly Father can show forth His tender love and care for His children.

As we go from day to day doing our wearisome work, if we would only say, “I am working with God to take care of this and that,” we might never find our work wearisome, for of all grand, and comforting, and heart-refreshing thoughts in this world, the greatest is the thought that we are co-workers with God.

…need I say more?

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