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Tom Gillies and Dick Potter secretly meet at their favorite cave to concoct their plans for the day and plot the mischievous schemes which have given them so bad a name on Norton Island. The townspeople complain that the island is too small to hold such troublesome boys. Tom is sent away to work, where he learns that his bad habits have fastened strong chains around him, and sin has tied binding knots, making him a prisoner. He discovers the One who can untie those dreadful knots and free him to live a productive life among the people of Norton Island.

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2 reviews for Tom Gillies

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent!!! This book is a must read! There are so many wonderful aspects to this book. It emphasizes the fact that repentance can’t come from ourselves but only from the power of the Holy Spirit. It shows the danger of bad company. It shows the danger of a love of money. You see a young girl and her father trusting God through sickness and poverty. Evangelism is also woven throughout the pages of this book. This is overall a wonderful book that I highly recommend.

  2. anonymous (verified owner)

    This Is a Great Book I liked this book so much I have read it twice already. Tom is a good kid but has become lazy and is influenced by his friend Dick to do evil. If only he would stand up to this bad influence. This is a great book for negative peer pressure. But even without peers to push us toward evil, we all tie knots in our lives and we need Jesus to help us untie them. However, I do warn about how a character in the book attempts to be unkind to an animal and it ultimately dies as a result (pages 48 and 49). I recommend reading these pages first before reading to younger children. The story is so good and helpful to see that it’s never too late to have Jesus help us untie the impossible knots we have tied in our lives.

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