Beneath the Rising Tide


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On a small island of the North Sea stand
two thatched cottages, raised to protect their
inhabitants against the looming sea. The
home of the Rikmers is of crude appearance in
contrast to their friendly neighbor, the Henneke
family. Jealousy, blame, and self-pity overtake
Arvst Rikmer, making him miserable. He is

thankless and lazy, and would rather complain
than work.

The Henneke family welcomes a warm
friendship, but their intentions are not
reciprocated. Even a hurling storm cannot
quench the flow of bitterness in Rikmer’s
heart—until the impenetrable fog sets in.
Panic ensues as the tide swells and Arvst faces
certain death. But is this enough to make
him swallow his selfish pride and cling to the
firm foundation that he sees in his neighbor?
Precious time will tell.

In this unique tale, discover how God’s love
can penetrate the deepest darkness. Walk with
Rikmer through the fog of doubt and cloud
of hatred, and discover a peace that passes
understanding. You will see more clearly as you
journey through this adventurous story.

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1 review for Beneath the Rising Tide

  1. anonymous (verified owner)

    Loved This Book I love all my Lamplighter books and this one, once I started it , I could not put it down. Love the character building in these books and seeing how God uses things to bring us to Himself. Revealed how much He loves mankind and will do what is necessary to bring us to Himself

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