Special Pricing on YOU ARE THERE!

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Individual sets are also available for purchase.


We are so excited to introduce our new classic audio drama series, YOU ARE THERE, available for order now! Created for the entire family, you can now experience what it was like during biblical times just as if you were there!

Beginning with Creation, you’ll be captivated by these stirring dramas: Noah, Moses I, Moses II, Joseph, Jesus’ Birth, Jesus’ Miracles, Jesus’ Death and Resurrection, and two special dramatic presentations for preschool children, Bible Stories for Little Ears (Old Testament), and Bible Stories for Little Ears (New Testament).

Listen to samples from YOU ARE THERE!

When my children were young, we listened to YOU ARE THERE at bedtime. Snuggled together, we were drawn back in time with the characters of the Bible. I have not found a better tool that brings into captivity every thought unto the obedience of Christ.

For over a decade, I have dreamed of bringing these life-changing dramas to families around the world. It would have been a miracle just to have the story of Jesus’ birth available for Christmas, but our incredible Lamplighter staff and theatre team have worked tirelessly to bring all 10 volumes to you for Christmas.

In a day when the media has robbed us of our creative imagination, parents now have a resource that weaves Scripture and drama into true-to-life settings. YOU ARE THERE Bible stories open the theatre of the mind and inspire faith in a God with whom nothing is impossible!

~Mark Hamby