May 13, 2022-August 13, 2022

Grow in your Christian walk and character as you
train like an Athlete, cultivate like a Farmer, and advance like a Soldier!
It’s not always easy—muscles may ache, drought may hit,
or enemies may advance—but God is for you.

Keep your resolution, and keep going!

Join the 2022 Lamplighter Summer Reading Challenge – The Resolution! Earn points for reading and participating in activities and watch those points turn into exciting rewards! There are rewards for each participant who reaches the minimum point requirement for their category. The participant with the most points in each age category will receive a grand prize!

The Resolution is for anyone who would like to solidify their resolve to follow Christ. We will be studying the unique challenges faced by the Athlete, the Farmer, and the Soldier, and will learn the specific character traits that propel each one forward as we complete specific activities related to each.

The Athlete, the Farmer, and the Soldier each have different activities listed under three categories: Mental, Physical, and Spiritual. Try to pick one activity from each category to accomplish daily! For example, as an Athlete you could pick the Mental category and read a portion of a Lamplighter book, then as a Farmer pick the Physical category and go for a hike while paying special attention to God’s creation, then as a Soldier pick the Spiritual category and do a study on the word soldier.

Track your progress with a daily journal entry (journal page downloads available). During the final week of The Resolution, you can write an essay detailing the key lessons you learned along the way and receive 100 Bonus Points!

How It Works

  1. Choose a track.
  2. Get started on the activities necessary to help you reach your goal. Be sure to record each activity.
    a. Pre-reader, Elementary, and Junior High Track participants, please have your parents initial each completed activity.
    b. High School and Adult Track participants, please find an accountability partner, preferably one who is also participating in the Reading Challenge, to initial each completed activity.
    c. Activities may be done more than once.
  3. Once you have reached your goal (or the deadline) submit your activity sheets, complete with a parent’s (or accountability partner’s) signature, and we’ll send you the reward for which you qualify.
  4. Submit your activity sheets by clicking the link below.
  5. Do you have questions? Check out the FAQs page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 1-888-246-7735.