The Vanished Note

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When the Lamplighter Guild alumni found out about Mr. Hamby’s aspiration to record Titus: A Comrade of the Cross and Jessica’s Journey in March 2013, and the high cost at which the dramas were made, they were inspired to get together and brainstorm ways that they could help Lamplighter raise the funds to make the dramatic audios possible!  Together, they came up with the idea to put all of their skills from the Lamplighter Guild about creating dramas together to create a dramatized audio book based off of the first story featured in Lamplighter Publishing’s The Vanished Note.

Thus the project was born and in less than a month, The Vanished Note was created by a team of about ten Lamplighter Guild alumni.


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Based off of Lamplighter Publishing’s The Vanished Note by Mary E.  Ropes, in Lamplighter Guild Apprentice Productions dramatized audio book The Vanished Note we are reminded that seemingly insignificant decisions can have a profound effect on others. Molly looks at the tempting bit of paper in her hand, realizing all she must forfeit in giving it up, but having no idea just how critical her decision will be in proving someone’s innocence.

Lamplighter Guild Apprentice Productions Team

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Caleb Blanchet

Character of Dennis, Credits

Caleb Blanchet is from Washington State. Voice acting is his passion, and as he pursues excellence in this craft, he strives to encourage others and bring glory to God.




Amy Bohannan

Co-Producer, Director, Casting Director, Character of Jane

Amy Bohannan is a 19-year-old homeschool graduate and Guild alumna, the eldest of ten children, and is passionately pursuing excellence in the arts of writing and music. She enjoys reading (her favorite Lamplighter is Ishmael), singing, playing multiple instruments, blogging, writing, and ever learning new things!


Michael Schroeder

Character of Sam Preston

Michael Schroeder is a 19-year-old homeschool graduate, a 2nd year Guild alumnus, and is graduating this year from Thomas Edison State College with a BA in Communications. For the past several years, Michael has enjoyed teaching youth Bible studies, writing and acting in multiple short audio dramas, and Bible Quizzing. In his free time, he loves skiing, hiking, blogging, writing, and Ultimate Frisbee.


Heidi Olson

Character of Molly Preston

Heidi Olson is a 17-year-old who is interested in numerous subjects. Her passions include writing, acting, and working with her family. She loves learning and experimenting with new ideas.


Nolan Issac-001

Nolan Issac

Narrator, Character of Mr. Markham

Nolan Issac is an 18-year-old Christian filmmaker, writer, and aspiring actor. After acting in and co-writing the bookend story for Lamplighter Theatre’s The White Gypsy Nolan attended the second Lamplighter Guild and has since worked with Lamplighter on various projects.

Wanschura, Dan-001

Dan Wanschura

Character of Frederick Wylde

Daniel Wanschura is 23, lives in Minnesota, and is proud to be a part of the Lamplighter Guild. A huge fan of pretty much anything that has to do with radio and drama, Daniel and his sister Meagan have created several radio drama productions under the name of Northern Lights Media. He is thrilled to have a “one-liner” in this Guild production (as he likes to think it’s very fitting for his witty personality) and is excited to see how God uses this powerful story to impact others!

Cody C  #1-001

Cody Campbell

Sound Engineer/Designer, Technical Engineer

Cody Campbell is 19-year-old Guild alumnus from Oregon. He is the second oldest of 4 children and a sound design enthusiast. His passion is to one day be a sound designer for Film/TV. He also enjoys music, playing drums, hanging out with friends and family, and in his spare time munching on Goldfish crackers.


Sean Chapman

Music Administrator, New England Liaison and Administrator

Sean Chapman is a 20-year-old Guild alumnus and homeschool graduate, the eldest of two children, and is joyfully pursuing excellence in the arts of all media, especially music composing. He enjoys listening to music, making movies, and working with anyone seeking God’s glory.

Laura Byler

Cover Artist, Graphic Designer

Laura Byler is a 19-year-old 2012 Guild alumna and homeschool graduate! She is the middle child of an artistic family. Laura keeps busy at home, teaching beginning art and violin, selling paintings and drawings, building her photography business and keeping up with friends on Facebook!

Peter James Johnson

Co-Producer, Scriptwriter, Technical Engineer/Designer, Sound Engineer

Peter James Johnson Photo (1)

Peter James Johnson is committed to conveying the Bible’s all-encompassing message that CHRIST is relentlessly pursuing YOU with HIS redeeming LOVE!

He shares this message through dramatic audio and literature that imparts biblical literacy, a personal and real understanding of God’s Word, because…“It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Peter is also a Guild alumnus and enjoys serving the Lamplighter Guild as an intern on the support staff team.


Sam Preston– Michael Schroeder
Molly Preston– Heidi Olson
Mr. Markham– Nolan Issac
Frederick Wylde– Dan Wanschura
Narrator– Nolan Issac
Dennis– Caleb Blanchet
Jane– Amy Bohannan
Credits– Caleb Blanchet

Production Crew:

Director– Amy Bohannan

Producers–Peter Johnson, Amy Bohannan

Technical Engineer–Peter Johnson, Cody Campbell

Sound Engineering/Design–Cody Campbell, Peter Johnson

Script Writer for Vanished Note and Bookend Story–Peter Johnson

Casting Director–Amy Bohannan

New England Liaison and Administrator–Sean Chapman

Cover Artist – Laura Byler