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2018 Lamplighter Summer Reading Challenge

This summer, join the Lamplighter Summer Reading Challenge! The challenge will last from June 1st through August 31st. Earn points for reading and participating in activities and watch those points turn into exciting rewards!

To register for the Lamplighter Summer Reading Challenge, click HERE. If you have any questions about the challenge, please feel free to contact us at mail@lamplighter.net.

How It Works

  1. Choose a track (see below).
  2. Gather a handful of your favorite Lamplighter books and start reading! Lamplighter offers a wide selection of rare novels, heartwarming biographies, and life-changing resources. Check out some amazing bundles HERE!
  3. Print out the activity sheet to record your progress. Click HERE to download the activity sheet.
  4. Get started on the activities necessary to help you reach your goal. Make sure to record each activity.
      1. Elementary and Junior High Track participants, please have your parents initial each completed activity.
      2. High School and Adult Track participants, please find an accountability partner, preferably one who is also participating in the Reading Contest, to initial each completed activity.
  5. Once you have reached your goal (or the deadline) send your activity sheet to mail@lamplighter.net, complete with a parent’s (or accountability partner’s) signature, and we’ll send you the reward for which you qualify.
  6. Do you have questions? Check out the FAQs page.

Choose Your Track
Track 1: Illiterate Elementary Track
Recommended for children who cannot yet read fluently on their own.
Earn 500 points and receive a PDF download of Lamplighter’s The Giant Killer Coloring Book(There is no grand prize winner for this track.)

Track 2: Literate Elementary Track
Recommended for young children who can read fluently on their own.
Earn 750 points and receive a $30 coupon toward a Lamplighter Theatre audio drama MP3 or eBook.

Track 3: Junior High Track
Earn 1,200 points and receive $45 coupon toward a Lamplighter Theatre audio drama MP3 or eBook.

Track 4: High School Track
Earn 1,500 points and receive $50 coupon toward a Lamplighter Theatre audio drama MP3 or eBook.

Track 5: Adult Track (Age 18+)
Earn 1,800 points and receive $55 coupon toward a Lamplighter Theatre audio drama MP3 or eBook. (Click HERE to check out our Scholar Collection.)

Grand Prizes
In each track, one person with the most number of points will be awarded a grand prize. The grand prize winner for each track will receive their choice of either a year’s membership free to Lamplighter’s Audio Club or a $100 Lamplighter gift card. Grand prize winners must meet the required minimum points for their track to qualify for the grand prize. (i.e. For Track 5, to qualify for the grand prize one must have a minimum of 1,800 points.)

Earning Points for Reading
Points are awarded based on the number of pages read. Each page read is worth 1 point.

Points Awarded for Activities
Each participant is awarded points for each book read during the Summer Reading Challenge and then again for each activity completed. These activities are meant to encourage character traits taught in our Lamplighter books. For some of these activities, we encourage parents to take a step back and challenge their children to work hard to earn the given points. However, in such cases where points are given for purchasing an item, we leave it to the parent’s discretion on how to encourage their children to earn the money for those items, which may include completing extra chores or community service in exchange for which the parent will purchase the book for the child. The purpose of such activities is to teach work ethic and the value of literature. We hope that you enjoy these activities, and we cannot wait to hear about your summer. Please email us copies of the amazing activities you have created so we can share your hard work with others!

25 points

  • Take a character comprehension quiz after you read a book (Please email mail@lamplighter.net for the comprehension quiz.)
  • Send in a scan of a drawing, painting, or creative photo that pertains to one of the books to mail@lamplighter.net.
  • Build a model from legos, linkin logs, other other materials, to diagram an important scene from a book.
  • Memorize a scripture verse from the book you have read.

50 points

  • Find 3 friends who have never heard of Lamplighter and who would like to hear about the Lamplighter Summer Reading Challenge. Get their permission and send their names and email addresses to mail@lamplighter.net. (You will receive 50 points for every 3 friends interested in hearing from us.)
  • Give a Lamplighter book as a gift for a birthday or other occasion.
  • Read a Lamplighter book to a younger sibling. (These 50 points are in addition to the points awarded for reading the book).
  • Act out a favorite scene from a book for your siblings, your parents, or others.
  • If your Pastor, Church Elder, Sunday School Teacher, Youth Pastor, etc. is unfamiliar with Lamplighter, share a review of a Lamplighter book and explain why these books have had a strong influence on your life.
  • Read a Lamplighter biography, resource or scholar book. (These 50 points are in addition to the points awarded for reading the book).

75 points

  • Read a Lamplighter book with a friend.
  • Make an eye-catching book cover which portrays, in an intriguing way, an introduction to the plot.
  • Record a short audio scene of one of the books.
  • Listen to the matching dramatic audio of a book you read with an elderly friend or grandparent.

100 points

  • Give a Lamplighter book to a friend and get them to read it.
  • Get your family reading a Lamplighter story together and do something to make it a memorable time. Cuddle up in the family room, make a special snack, have a picnic lunch, or take the book with you on vacation! Post on our Facebook page or email us at mail@lamplighter.net so we know what kind of creative ideas you came up with! (Additional points for reading this book will count toward children in the Illiterate Elementary Track if a parent reads the book, but not toward any other track. Additional points for reading this book will count toward any other track if the participant reading the story is the one who organized the story time.)
  • Buy a 2018 Lamplighter new release and read it (These 100 points are in addition to the points awarded for reading the book).

150 points

  • Read a biography and write a three paragraph essay on the person you read about. Be sure to tell what made him/her great and how this person’s biography inspire you. Click HERE to check out some amazing biographies. (These 150 points are in addition to the points awarded for reading the book).
  • Get your Sunday School class (or similar group) to listen to the matching Lamplighter Theatre dramatic audio for a book that you read. (Note: Additional points are NOT earned for listening to the drama.)
  • Write a one page “journal entry” on any Lamplighter book you’ve read and send it to us at mail@lamplighter.net. Don’t summarize the story, instead discuss the following:
    • How the book influenced your life?
    • How did the author use scriptures to mold the story, and which scripture references were they?
  • Write a three paragraph poem or character sketch of an admirable character from a Lamplighter book. Be sure to include what traits made this character admirable and how the character challenged you to be more Christlike. Email us your work at mail@lamplighter.net.
  • Act out a scene from a Lamplighter book, film it, and then post it to our Facebook page for others to see.

200 points

  • Read a Lamplighter story to an elderly friend or grandparent. (These 200 points are in addition to the points awarded for reading the book).
  • Make a one-minute video clip reviewing your favorite Lamplighter book and post it to our Facebook page.
  • Sign up for the Lamplighter Book Club to receive a new Lamplighter book each month! (Click HERE for details.)
  • Write a three paragraph devotional based on a lesson in one of the books.

250 points

  • Read a Lamplighter story to a shut-in or to someone in a nursing home.
  • Get a friend to sign up for the Lamplighter book club to receive a new Lamplighter book each month! (Click HERE for details.)
  • Use a Lamplighter resource to share the gospel with someone who does not yet know the Lord.
  • Record yourself reading an entire Lamplighter book and send a copy of the recording to an elderly person. (These 250 points are in addition to the points awarded for reading the book).

300 points

  • Start a reading club with local friends willing to read and discuss Lamplighter books together. Meet at least two times this summer and read and discuss at least two stories together. (These 300 points are in addition to the points awarded for reading each book).

As you can see, there are a lot of options for earning points with Lamplighter books this summer! Lamplighter reserves the right to use any entry in part or in full for advertising purposes. When you submit your activity sheet and projects, please send us your feedback and let us know if you have any ideas for next year!