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Why are we doing this?

Over the past few decades, I have noticed that Christians are tending to avoid conflict and seem to have a-bury-my-head-in-the-sand attitude. Battling the forces of darkness takes grit, perseverance, godliness, and faith. I would like to inspire us to fight for the souls of our neighbors.

Halloween is a perfect opportunity to get to know the people around you. So go and meet your neighbors. Be creative. Give a gift and let them know that it’s no trick. Most people don’t know all of their neighbors. Perhaps you could use this day as an opportunity to introduce yourself and invite them to your house in the future. Remember that the end goal is to reach your neighbors for Christ and fulfill the royal law of loving your neighbor as yourself.

It’s time to start redeeming the years that the locusts have eaten. It’s time to start shining some light in the darkness… and how great a light we possess!

Halloween is not the time to cower in the shadows; this is the time to shine the light of Christ! Lamplighter Theatre brings redemptive hope to a lost culture, and we need your help. When your neighborhood comes knocking on your door this Halloween, we have something for you to give them.

How do I participate?

Fill out the form below to participate. You will be forwarded to a page with a downloadable file that you can print and hand out. If you prefer to listen to the audio drama before you give it, we have made it available for download for a donation of any amount. Ministry opportunities like this require support from people like you. Please consider making a donation by downloading the MP3 yourself, or while filling out the form below.

Fill out the form (do this to participate and download the PDF of the handouts).

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Lamplighter is a non-profit ministry, and our mission is to make ready a people prepared for the Lord by building Christlike character… One Story at a Time.
Read about why Mark Hamby founder and president of Lamplighter Ministries loves Halloween.

You’ll be able to share a world-class audio drama featuring top actors, an intriguing story, and a captivating music score. It’s an experience that will awaken the imagination and stir the hearts of all who hear.

The Story
Follow the Trevor family, who move to an abandoned mansion to discover the darkest danger of all—in their own hearts. Only one Light can save them! Featuring Cathy Sara from Downton Abbey and Andy Secombe (Watto in Star Wars).