Hot Water Bottle at the Equator

A Lamplighter Moment from Mark Hamby

Do you have a child-like faith in God?

Helen Roseveare, a missionary doctor in Africa, tried everything to save the pregnant woman. But the native mother died, leaving behind a premature baby. Tragically, this infant would also die soon because the hospital lacked an incubator. They didn’t even have hot water bottles since rubber degraded quickly in the tropical climate.

In addition to her medical duties, Dr. Roseveare met with the orphanage children each day for prayer. After the doctor explained the crisis, one 10-year-old prayed without reservation: “Please God, send us a water bottle. It’ll be no good tomorrow as the baby will be dead, so please send it this afternoon.”

Dr. Roseveare paused. Could she honestly say “amen” to such a prayer? Of course God could do anything, but surely there were limits.

Later that day, an unexpected parcel arrived from her homeland; this had never happened before during her four years in Africa. She immediately summoned the children, and they carefully opened the package together.

Dr. Roseveare cried when she saw the brand new water bottle. The parcel had been mailed five months before by an old friend who somehow followed God’s prompting to pack a water bottle to the equator. And all of this in response to a child’s prayer to bring it by “this afternoon!”

God knows what we need long before we do.  In Isaiah 65, he offers this comforting promise to all believers, “Before they call, I will answer.”

Making ready a people prepared for the Lord,
Mark Hamby

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