A Beka Moment

A Lamplighter Moment from Mark Hamby

Not being able to have children must be a very difficult challenge. Many women dream of having their own children; they picture the baby room and imagine how
they might decorate-perhaps with a theme, the color of the walls, and a rocker in which to cuddle and read a book.

But sometimes God has different plans. In Isaiah 54 we read about an unusual account of a barren woman. I say unusual because God commands her to sing about her barrenness! Why would He be so seemingly thoughtless to her plight?

Can you imagine being barren and being told to sing about it? Well, that is exactly what God does because He sees the bigger picture. In fact, He says that the one who is desolate will have more children! How is this possible? What exactly is God communicating?

I believe Beka Horton is a perfect illustration of God’s heart concerning His thoughts in Isaiah 54. Dr. and Mrs. Beka Horton were not able to have children, but they did not sit idle or wallow in self-pity. Instead, they used their gifts and talents for God’s glory. They started a Christian school, A Beka Books publishing company and Pensacola Christian College. Today they have thousands of “children” serving the Lord around the world! Mrs. Beka Horton has been a mother to myriad students who would consider her their mom.

As I ponder Isaiah 54, I think I understand why God commands a barren woman to sing. I’m sure Beka Horton has much to sing about. What a great God we serve!

Mark’s Favorite Book of the Day!

Never Too Late

This is a story about the clash of two worlds – the intense struggle that occurs both within and without. Will the poor widow give her consent to turn her child over to the care of another? Can a hardened woman, who has everything this world has to offer, find truth through the innocence of a child? In this poignant story, Ella Rosa tenderly conveys a life-giving message for those who are seeking – that it is never too late to find God.

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