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Lamplighter Theatre Live


Lamplighter Theatre Live
Mount Morris, NY
May 22-27, 2017

Now you can watch Lamplighter Theatre come to life before your very eyes! You are invited to the Lamplighter headquarters in western New York for a historic experience. If you have never been behind the scenes of an audio drama production, you won’t want to miss Lamplighter’s very first recording in our new facilities and studio.

You’ll witness world-class actors giving “wings” to words. You’ll experience drama reaching intense emotional levels as the producer, director, and actors collaborate before you. And best of all, you’ll get to personally interact with our Lamplighter Theatre team to learn more about writing, acting, directing, producing, and sound design.

Registration Options


Entire Event
Sunday – Saturday
$1500/entire event (includes food & housing)
Check In – Sunday 4pm-5:30pm
Check Out – Saturday by 6:00pm

Single Day
Monday – Saturday
$150/day (lunch included)
Daily Check In – 7:45am-8:10am
Daily Check Out – 6pm

Half Week
Escape from the Eagle’s Nest
Sunday – Wednesday
$900/half week (includes food & housing)
Check In – Sunday 4pm-5:30pm
Check Out – Wednesday by 8:15am
Ends – Wednesday 6pm

Half Week
The Giant Killer
Wednesday – Saturday
$900/half week (includes food & housing)
Check In – Wednesday 4pm-5:30pm
Check Out – Saturday by 6:30pm
Ends – Saturday 6:00pm