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Lamplighter Theatre Dramatic Audio

Rejoice with us that these stories are piercing the darkness with the Light of Christ through 1600+ radio outlets in 30 countries! Pray that God continues to open greater doors for the Word, that together we may declare the mystery of Christ to the nations! (Colossians 4:3)

Lamplighter Theatre helps to fulfill the mission of Lamplighter by bringing redemptive hope to the world through dramatic audio. Forged through the commitment and sacrifice of a dedicated team, Lamplighter Theatre now airs on 1800 radio stations in 31 countries. With the talent of world-renowned actors, writers, directors, music composers, and sound engineers, Lamplighter Theatre creatively brings redemptive hope to broken lives, and compels its listeners to live life skillfully and sacrificially for the benefit of others.

Lamplighter Theatre Radio Broadcast

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